Jul 292009

Bear Dodge Changes

I totally forgot I had put this screenshot together. :) Essentially, dodge is getting a 15% nerf, and parry is getting an 8% buff, to make them equivalent stats. For reference: (numbers from Righteous Defense)

39.35 dodge rating was 1% dodge
49.18 parry rating was 1% parry
52.08 agility was 1% dodge

45.25 dodge rating is 1% dodge
45.25 parry rating is 1% parry
59.89 agility is 1% dodge

So, this sucks for bears, who rely on dodge stacking, and is meh for everyone else. Unfortunately, parry still isn’t a great stat due to diminishing returns on parry being much harsher (for those that don’t know, DR means that once you pass a certain point, it takes more and more of a stat to add an additional 1% avoidance). Bears will still gem for stam, or +stam/+dodge,  (or +agi for shared cat/bear pieces) depending on socket bonus. Pallies and Warriors, however, have some thinking to do now for best gemming, as parry/defense are both possible better gem options now, depending on current gear and typical raidbuffs.

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  1. 3 comments…

    1) The new bear form looks soooo much nicer.

    2) Dodge rating is nerfed… yet they increased base dodge by a small amount? Odd.

    3) Bears have always parried with their faces. It makes our math theorycrafting much simpler, which leaves more time for naps :)

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