Jul 012009

And henceforth, I commission the launch of the S.S. “Fluid Druid.” There will be much posting of all things WOW, especially druid matters; there will be informed discussion and criticism; and there will be cake. (Guess the lie.)

Why the name Fluid Druid? Because the biggest thing I like about the druid class in WOW is its ability to handles all roles, at all times. (I’m currently dualspec Bearcat/Resto…I can do it all. Except win loot rolls.) Because rhyming blog titles are cool. Because…Shift Happens was taken. :(

I hope to write on all topics WoW, but we’ll see how it goes, this being my first blog and all.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging community!

    I hear ya on the lootrolls, /roll has rarely been kind to me :)

  2. […] first post was Obligatory Intro Post, on July 1st of this year. I didn’t really have big plans for the blog, just wanted a chance […]

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