WoW Lockout Timer

Jul 142009

I DID have more blog posts planned…but guess what. Blizzard decided to give me a 72 hour suspension this weekend, citing  “FINAL WARNING – Economic Exploitation.”

…(anger rising.)…

Pissed about this for the following reasons:

1. I KNOW I haven’t do anything wrong. I use Auctioneer, sure, but I’ve done that ever since starting WoW. I had  more volume than usual the day before getting the suspension- probably spent about 2-3k gold…but that’s a drop in the bucket. My account has not been compromised.

2. The only way to dispute Blizz disciplinary actions is by email to the Account Administration peeps. Of course, the suspension happened Friday afternoon (1AM Saturday for me here in Korea) which means, I’m assuming, that nobody could even look at it until Monday. Therefore, no raid slot for me for the weekend.

3. I immediately replied via e-mail…and have heard nothing. I’m back in, now that the 72 hours are up, but I’m afraid to use Auctioneer again until I hear something. I feel that I’m owed, at a minimum, an apology an a three-day credit…and probably a week’s credit for the inconvenience.

…(anger cooling)…

On the bright side, I did give EQ2 a shot, and really enjoy it, enough to drop $15 for a month’s time to see how things progress.  I find that, unlike WoW where it takes quite a bit of time in a class before you can find if you like it, you can see quite a bit with low-level alts. May come up with another post on that down the road. Currently rocking a Wood Elf Warden (think balance/resto druid mix) and a Fae Illusionist (no real comparison to WoW…kind of a hunter/mage mix; lots of mage CC abilities, with a pet.)