3.2 adventures

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Aug 052009

Well, if you hadn’t heard already, 3.2 is out. My quick play-by-play of my lunchtime session:

1. Admired my new bear form.

2. Admired my new cat form.

3. Admired…ok, well, not really, but quickly turned in the last Valiant quest to get my Crusader title and access to the new stuff. Bought my sweet teleporting tabard. (30min CD, ports you to AT grounds, completely separate from HS.) 

4. Went through Outfitter to add the new tabard to my bear/cat/tree item sets.

5. Answered a LFM in general chat for a tank for Trial of the Champion normal. Wiped on the switch from mounted to on foot. Ran back (GY run takes about 10 secs, it’s right there) and tanked the rest of the instance (easy) Realized afterward that I still had tree gear on from the messing around with Outfitter. (/facepalm)

6. Left instance and answered another LFM for a DPS in general chat, which turned into a tank slot, for Heroic ToC. Wiped in same place as normal, one-shot the rest. (why why why did Blizz give the 5-man and a raid with FOUR lockouts the same initials? Lots of confusion for a while, I think, until we settle on an abbreviation.  I like ToC for 5-man and Coli or Crusader for the raid.)

7. New instance thoughts: It’s incredibly fast, and as far as I can tell, so special skill is required.  First you do jousting…you kill three sets of three opposite-faction NPC’s (think Lieutenant difficulty, but more HP), then the three Champions (a bit tougher then Commanders, plus if they all focus on one target, that target goes down quick.) All you have to do to regen to full HP though is to ride to the side and swap mounts. Once you down a Champion, he’ll be laid out for about 5 secs, then get up and start running towards the nearest mount to rejoin the fight. Run over him to “trample” him, which will keep him down for a while. (Apparently not for the whole fight, but if they do manage to remount, they don’t have full HP, from what I saw.)  Things get very tricky on the transition from mounted to dismounted…once the third Champion is trampled, they will all instantly pop back to their feet, the entire party loses its mounts, and they immediately aggro on the closest target. They’re also usually spread out across the Coliseum floor..and at least one will be a caster. If you wipe, though, they reset back to the entrance they came in, and can be pulled normally. 

For the second boss, got Paletress for Normal, who summoned Kalithresh for our Memory, which didn’t do anything all that special. On Heroic, got Eadric. His hammer almost one-shot our healer, but the turn away from blinding light thing was too easy…3s cast time. The final boss, Black Knight, didn’t seem too bad…ghouls seemed to drop threat on P2, but they didn’t seem particularly deadly, and P3 was just a straight DPS burn.

It’s hard for me to say how tough it is, overall. The instance is so fast it’s hard to judge pug ability/skill. I was top overall DPS as tank for my H PuG, but Recount is apparently counting some of the mounted damage in, so its not a good measure, and I didn’t get a chance to look at the individual fight stats. That said, this will quickly be the “badge emblem farm” instance, unlike H MgT which everybody hated doing.

8. Did several of the new AT dailies and the first two quests (is that it? didn’t see a followup) in the continued BK questline. The new Kvaldir island, to the north of AT, is visually impressive…it has the white-out visual effect from Borean Tundra. Quests were the standard ‘kill 10 whatsits’ and ‘kill 1 specific whatsit who, despite being named, isn’t any stronger then the other whatsits.’  I also had a couple quests in the new Cult of the Damned camp, which isn’t that impressive. (BTW,  it’s RIGHT outside the AT area. Seriously, you can see one from the other if your view distance is at a reasonable level. You’d think they could take a 5-minute break and go clean it up. Just run like 4 Elekks through. They could even get fancy and use the Stylin’ Teleportin Tabard…their coffee wouldn’t even get cold.) The ‘kill 15 scourge’ quest is now ‘kill 15 Cult of the Damned’ so you can stack that with other quests here.  Sadly, only the original Champion dailies give the extra gold/rep, not the new ones. BBTC now requires killing 3 commanders instead of 1, which basically makes it a group quest (which it pretty much was already that people paired with TFA).

9. Hearthed to Dalaran and bought Idol of the Corruptor. (Now available for 19 Emblems of Conquest!) FINALLY. Farewell, crappy Grizz Hills blue PvP/lvl 70 epic tanking idols. So, even though I lost about 2% dodge with the agi/dodge nerf, the Idol proc should hopefully account for that and more.  Next step is Conquest emblem farming to get 2pT8 for kitty dps. Don’t even want to speculate on what to do with Triumph Emblems yet…besides, Kalon at ThinkTank is actively working on some feral druid gear lists (bear/cat).

10. Laughed at two of my guildies bitching about the first fight in 10-man Crusader (see? I had to think before writing that). Apparently lots of raid-wide stuff going on. As I logged off, the PUG raid had finally downed the first boss and got insta-killed by the jorms.  Also, weekly raid lockout change apparently? Was that announced somewhere, or did I miss something?

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