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So, with my work schedule being a bear (heh) for the next few weeks, I’ve been spending most of time on Alaron at odd hours. As such, I’ve been exploring the solo content available to him, which is a much wider spectrum then you would imagine. (For what it’s worth, my bear gear is basically a mix of Naxx-25/Ulduar-10, but with the beautiful beautiful Ulduar-25 Twisted Visage staff.) Over the past two weeks, I’ve soloed-

  • Onyxia (40-man lvl60 boss)…cake, pain in the ass fight more than anything else…almost think it might have gone faster as resto. Thankfully, you can still melee Ony in P2 (her flight phase) but it’s a pretty small hitbox, and she moves constantly.
  • Zul’Gurub (20-man lvl 60 raid, all bosses)…all easy. One was slightly challenging- the bat boss who stops to heal…luckily, its a long cast, but she usually chains it with a fear, so I had to be fast with Feral Charge to interrupt.
  • Most of the BC 5-mans on heroic…Kael’thas is challenging, but not too bad if you start as cat and get a Rip up, to give you enough burst dps to get him to 50% before he pyroblasts. One of the bosses in Coilfang is tough too (does the DoT that keeps ticking until you’re healed to full)…can’t remember the name or where he is right now.
  • Part of Karazhan (working on currently)
  • Meathook in CoS Normal (because I got overconfident after doing Heroic Black Morass) Tough fight, but not really tactically interesting, purely a gear-check. Downed him on third attempt with the use of Indestructible Potions.  Got stomped by Salramm, though.

I plan to keep working on Kara, finish the BC 5-mans, then go give AQ20/MC a shot (BWL and AQ40 are probably not realistic, but I might give it a go…maybe give Gruuls/Mags a shot too just for kicks). After that, I’d like to  see how many WOTLK instances I can do on normal…I’d imagine I’ve got a shot at the non-lvl 80 ones. If you’re interested, I’m about to put a post up about soloing Big Bad Wolf in Kara, which is quite possibly the most epic solo fight I’ve done.

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  1. A while ago I went into ZG to do the fishing achievement.

    I decided to stick around and see if I could kill the boss as resto.. for giggles.

    Took me 15 minutes, a pot and two innervates (and a lot of melee swinging while I waited for mana). zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I should go do it again on Kiiva :P

    • You should. :) Actually, the worst part of ZG is the trash…the troll Axe Throwers (Splitters, maybe?) They do this whirly thing that stuns you for 10s. One’s okay, and two is annoying but survivable, but three will pretty much keep you chain-stunned until you die. Stealth FTW.

  2. I invariably run into something by accident because my peripheral vision is almost non-existent.


    Poor squished Keeva :(

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