Gear Reset QQ

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Aug 132009

Working 12-hour shifts 7-days a week is not fun. August needs to end, rapidly.

That said, I’ve been rebelling. I understand that having only 45min-1hr per day of playtime means that I SHOULD be running the daily heroic and that’s it…but for the last three days, I’ve been shuttling between the AH, the mailbox, and the trainer to level Alchemy (up to 400 now). I have all of 2 Emblems of Triumph, and the only heroic I’ve ran besides ToC is one HoL.

I thought about it, and I think I’m subconsciously rebelling against the soft gear reset put in place in 3.2. Yes, I still need to get Emblems for my T8 gear, but I still want to go back and finish solo-Kara as well, and keep working towards Loremaster/Seeker, etc. Unfortunately, I’m already slipping behind the Triumph, gear curve due to not keeping up with the daily H, and I’m well behind the Conquest gear curve due to not obsessively running heroics. While gear has never been a large concern of mine (thanks to Pawn/Rawr), I still hate falling behind. (Or I could just hate the fact that I have to gear up three separate specs through badges. QQ. I don’t get how people have time for alts.)

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