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Aug 152009

While I haven’t had the chance to write much lately, I still have several planned posts:

  • My UI series (plans for 4+ parts, still languishing at part 1)
  • Basic guides for Tanking/Feral DPS/Resto
  • More stuff on soloing

Not to mention that I need to revamp the blog frontpage at some point. If anyone has anything they’re interested in seeing, let me know. I’d like to write some more resto-themed posts, as I’m healing a lot more now (heroics are popular again, dont’cha know). That new Idol of Flaring Growth is amazing (yes, I’ll take what amounts to a permanent +234 extra spellpower, thank you), and it’ll only take 12.5 days of grinding out the heroic daily. (Not that I don’t already want some of the feral gear…Clutch of Fortification ring for tanking, or Dexterous Brightstone Ring for DPS.) Between those three, that’s 95 Emblems of Triumph, which should keep me busy for a while (seeing as I’m not currently raiding T9).

Also…if you get out-DPSed by a bored resto druid spamming Hurricane on a trash pack…and you play an 80 frost spec mage…get some help. Please.

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