Aug 032009

Last night, I had some uninterrupted time to work on soloing Kara. Attumen and Maiden were cake. Imp. LOTP was enough to keep me up for both of those. Moroes was a bit more difficult, but still easily one-shot. Berserk and burn down the guests, focusing on the healers, then just chip away at Moroes, and shift out to heal when he vanishes. I was feeling pretty confident…than I ran into the Opera event (one of three random bosses) and got the Big Bad Wolf.


For those that don’t know, he has four abilities.

1. 3s fear on ~30s CD.
2. 4s stun on ~30s CD.
3. Little Red Riding Hood…turns one target into LRRH for 20s on a 30s CD. The LRRH has 0 armor and is silenced/pacified (can’t attack/cast anything) but has a 50% speed boost for kiting. HoTs will continue to tick while LRRH’ed, however, and you keep your rage.
4. Melees for about 3.5k with 0 armor, 1kish in bear.

So, when attempting to solo, you’ll get probably 5-6s of DPS time every 30s, and spend the rest of the time either kiting or feared/stunned.  I finally pulled it off after multiple wipes…it was the most challenging thing I’ve done solo to date, and the most rewarding when he finally dropped.


1. Prefight: wear stam gear and a PVP trinket (I did it without one, but having one would have really helped). Glyphed SI/FR is a big help.

2. Talk to “Granny” to start fight. You’ll get LRRH’ed right off the bat. Immediately begin kiting. The most critical thing about this fight is kiting BBW properly so you only take 1-2 hits each time you’re LRRH’ed. Take off immediately (DBM is a must here for knowing when to start/stop running) Circle the stage, hugging the walls. DON”T CUT THE CORNERS. Cutting the corners will, inevitably, make BBW angle to cut you off. I found that taking off early (pre-cast) is a bad idea, since normally he stops for 1s to cast LRRH but if you’re not in melee range, he’ll cast it while moving towards you…not good. Also, if you’re really good at controlling your character, it’s best to circle-strafe around the stage, so that you still have a chance to dodge attacks while LRRH’ed. I tried this, but I ended up inevitably cutting corners and letting him catch up to me, which did more harm then good.

3. Once you have control back- Barkskin if up, SI/FR if under 50%, then aim to land at least 2 Mauls and a mangle each phase. Demo Roar can be helpful but will cut severely into your DPS. Save Berserk/trinket for if you get feared/stunned as an overlap with LRRH, as that is deadly. (From my experience, he won’t fear you while LRRH’ed…but he CAN stun you during.) Your goal is to kite well enough that you can pop SI/FR, which will give you probably 60-70% of your HP back (You want to chain them since FR scales off your current max HP…which will obviously be a lot higher when SI is on) and survive until the SI/FR CD’s are back up. I didn’t use it, but you can also try Tranquility (macro it with Barkskin, pop it immediately upon coming out of LRRH…he’ll take a couple secs to reach you, the Barkskin will prevent pushback, and it should outheal his attacks…I think.) If you can get at least one Imp. LOTP proc and get a few Savage Defense proc’s each phase, you shouldn’t take more than 10% damage each phase. SI/FR will cover that handily.

4. NE’s, don’t forget to shadowmeld to reset the fight while you’re learning how to kite. Basically, if you’re below 40% health and SI/FR has 2m still left on CD, time to reset. Unfortunately, you can’t shadowmeld while LRRH’d, so you’ll have to pick your spots carefully.

5. Also, attempting to solo as Resto is not advised. (Heheh.) I tried it once and gave up. It might be doable, but you’re going to have to burn him down with just MF, since most of your free GCD’s are going to be used refreshing HoTs. I could see Moonkin doing it with Treants and Starfall.

I got him on my final attempt for the night (not sure how many times I wiped…probably 4-5, not counting 2-3 shadowmeld resets or so)..took a shade over 10 minutes. I didn’t have a trinket, and got nailed with a stun immediately after my third SI/FR wore off, which let BBW take me back down to 30%. Luckily, I got a crit from a healing potion, and finished the fight arount 12% HP. I imagined the audience clapping. :) On to Curator!

EDIT: He also dropped Big Bad Wolf’s Head, which I thought was very fitting.