Aug 042009

Siha at Banana Shoulders has an excellent series of posts up explaining the Argent Tournament quests in great detail. In her most recent, she expl0res the changes coming in patch 3.2. I won’t replicate her post, but she does mention that Valiant/Champion daily quest stacking is now gone. (For those that don’t know…there’s two Valiant AT quests that ask you to kill X number of mobs, and two Champion AT quests that ask you to kill X+5 mobs.) The requirements are now changing so each quest requires a different mob type. While I’ll miss being able to knock out 5 dailies in 15 minutes and earn 95g, hopefully the new dailies will be easy enough that there’s roughly the same g/hour rate.

EDIT: Well, the tabard that ports you to the AT grounds will make up for quite a bit. I don’t know anything about it, but if it’s on a 30minute cooldown, you presumably can use it to port to AT and then port back there once dailies are donw, which will save ~5 minutes.