Aug 222009

Cherrypicking some things from the various panels to discuss…

Guild Improvements

  • 2o guild levels. Raiding/PVP/leveling/crafting/gaining rep/questing (basically anything) will add guild experience. Only top 20 earners count per day (so you can’t build a 1,000 member megaguild and ding 20 in a day)
  • Each guild level adds a guild talent point. Unlockable abilities in guild talent tree include lower/reduced reagent costs, increased gold drops, mass rez, mass summon. Guild talent tree will be respec’able (presumably by the GM)
  • Once guild dings 20, guild exp converted to guild points, which can be used as currency for guild items. Some things discussed: mounts, profession recipes, banners, cheap potions/reagents, heirloom items. All guild-items are linked to the guild and will be removed from a player if they leave the guild.
  • New guild  recruiting tool
  • Guild achievements (replaces some player achievements)
  • Can browse profession books of guildies
  • Guild news feed on Armory
  • Calendar can now be used to invite other guilds to raids
  • No guild hall. :(

Like I said yesterday, I’m really blown away and pleased by this change. I think the guild experience is one of the better things I’ve experienced with WOW, and anything that reinforces that design is welcome. The dual design (everyone gets level 20 eventually, but only seriosu players get achievements) is definitely the way to go.

LFG Improvements (possibly implemented in 3.3)

  • Instances will be cross-server.
  • LFG leaders will receive some type of reward.

Wow! Not anticipating this one at all, but this fits perfectly with my current playstyle. Cross-server instances will help drastically with the early-morning groups I’ve been doing.  The whole “leaders get a reward” thing is cool in theory, but then you run into the “everyone wants to lead” problem…and most of those people won’t be great leaders. It’s nice to get some in-game appreciation though. :)