Aug 222009

Well, with Blizzcon wrapping up, what are your plans? I know the Old World revamp has me planning on doing a lot more old-world content; see if I can nab my Seeker and Loremaster titles, since I imagine those will change drastically. Anyone else have thoughts?

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  1. Finishing my Lore Master title! I’m about 80 quests short in Kalimdor. Going to get on that ASAP! Perhaps if I do like 5 or 10 quests a day it won’t seem so bad :)

    Oh…and thinking up a name for my goblin rogue! ;)

    • @Beru- I’ve heard Loremaster is much tougher for Alliance in Kalimdor, though I haven’t even begun to exhaust quest hubs yet. My big problem is that I RAF’d Alaron from 40 to 60…so he has NOTHING done in those areas. That’s good in the sense that now I have EveryQuest, so I can track my progress…That’s bad in that, well, I still have to do it. :) At least I cleaned out Silithus for my Cenarius title :)

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