Aug 202009

[Somewhat off-topic]

For those that don’t know, I work in military communications in the U.S. military. (Which is why I haven’t been posting recently; I’ve been working 12-14 hours/day for our major exercise.) This is a first, however; I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an article in Armed Forces Journal that references WoW. Check it out. (The WoW references are in the first few paragraphs, if you don’t want to read the whole thing.)

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  1. Hi! Came to your site through your comment on BBB.
    I am interested to hear more about your Current position in Mil Com.
    I was a 36L (Army 88-92)and worked with switching systems before the change to MSE.
    Stay safe.

    • Ari, I can’t say too much publicly (OPSEC) but I am currently no-where near the side of the house you worked on. :) At the moment, I do computer security/IA related stuff.

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