Sep 302009

No more walls of text for a few days, I promise. :) I had a chance to run VoA 10/25 back-to-back this morning as both tank and DPS (tank for the 10, dps for the 25). I figured this could be good validation for the hybrid spec I recommended in part 2 of the tanking guide, so here’s my parse from World of Logs. (For those that can’t access WoL…clean 10-man run, no wipes, solid threat; on 25m, 5400dps on Kora, 4700 on Ema with a few afk seconds, #5th overall on DPS.) I had the same spec and glyphs for both runs (Maul/Frenzied Regen/Savage Roar…yeah, odd trio), just swapped gear and flasks.
Thoughts: Rip uptime was horrible with no T7 bonus and no Shred/Rip glyphs…but I still did okay, looking at the numbers (then again, Kora’s a very melee friendly fight). I’m pretty sure if i reglyphed/respecced for full-on DPS in my current gear (remember, no Pred. Strikes/MSS, either) I could easily get to 6500+ levels.

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