Sep 182009

BBB has started a trend, with his excellent bear tank creed.

Alt Fanatic continued it, with his tree creed.

Here’s my humble contribution.


The Panther Creed.

I am a panther of death. Fear me.

I am a skilled and experienced fighter, trained to defeat my enemy.

If I fight alone, I am weak. If the enemy fights alone, he is weak. With my pack, I am strong. I can overcome all challenges with the support of my pack.

I shall provide my companions with the blessings of the jungle, to enhance their skills in the ways of war.

I shall not rely on my companions to provide enhancing sustenance; I shall provide my own, as I am self-reliant.

I shall follow my commander’s orders, even if they leave me no personal glory. There is no glory in defeat.

I shall always attack my enemy from behind, as the deadliest attack is the one unseen.

I shall let those with plate armor or bear posterior absorb the enemy’s blows. I will NEVER draw the enemy’s attention, as I fly far and crumple well when kicked.

I shall intimidate the enemy with my roars, so that my attacks strike deep.

I shall endeavor to keep the enemy bleeding and crippled, watching as his life slowly drains away.

I shall illuminate the enemy with faeries’ fire, so that my companions’ accuracy will be aided.

I shall glyph for Savage Roar, Rip, and Shred, so that my voice be stronger, and my opponent’s bleeding be torrential.

I shall remain aware of the conditions of my pack, so that I may restore a companion’s life or energy at a moment’s notice.

I shall remain aware of the battlefield. I will ALWAYS get out of the fire, as singed fur smells awful, and greatly displeases our clergy.

If our enemy defeats us, I will examine my equipment and tactics, to seek to improve my contribution to the pack. If we defeat our enemy, I will praise my companions for their efforts. I shall not revel in personal glory.

Above all, I am a Guardian of Cenarius, and a protector of the peoples of the Alliance. As I protect them, so does Elune protect me.

I AM…a panther of death. Fear me.