Oct 062009

Work, ugh. Quick roundup of good druid posts from other sites since I don’t have the time to do my own:

Bears: Kalon at Thinktank has updated his gear guide to include Ony and PVP gears. Basically: Top-tier PVP gear (Relentless) is close to BIS, just behind 25-man heroic gear. PVP gear = more survivability; PVE gear = more threat. An invaluable resource as always.

Cats: Not much new here; so I’ll take the opportunity to tout FeralByNight again. FBN is a DPS rotation tool that continually analyzes several factors (your buffs and their time remaining, # of CP’s, energy, boss HP, positioning) to give you the “best-choice” solution for maximum DPS. It’s not perfect, and you won’t get your max DPS until you learn when to go against its reccomendations, but it’s perfect for learning feral priorities.

Moonkin: Graylo and others have talked about WiseEclipse, the addon that can increase your dps considerably by maximizing your Eclipse uptimes. Read Graylo’s post at Gray Matter for more details.

Trees: Some discussion about the nerf to Rejuvenation in 3.3 at Restokin. Blizzard seems to be gently but firmly pushing us into the “support healer” role by nerfing our ability to heal burst raid damage. I might expand this into a full post later, if I get a chance.

Bear guide to continue soon(TM).

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  1. The rejuv duration nerf is more of a sustained healing than burst healing nerf. The actual amount healed by swiftmend won’t change (it only ever took the 12 second amount). You can have rejuv on fewer people, but if you are actually dealing with a lot of random burst, you aren’t going to be able to pre-HOT all 25 members of a full raid group, so you have to be creative in how you deal with random raid burst damage in the first place.

  2. Lis, yeah, I didn’t really fully explain my point. I’ll drop another post for more clarification.

  3. […] 8, 2009 by Alaron As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I feel that Blizzard is quietly nudging trees into a “support healer” niche, and […]

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