Oct 022009

It’s Chuseok time here in Korea (essentially, everything stops for a while) so I’ll be out with the family…look for Part 3 of the bear guide next week.

On the lighter side of things…I had about an hour to kill before bed last night, so I figured I’d start an Ony 25 PUG. (Our guild has a good 10-man crew, but we’re still working on Ulduar normal in 25’s.) Got everybody in, including one ranged DPS from the server’s ‘leet’ guild. Said DPS was an absolute dick…calling out people as noobs for certain gear choices, randomly hearthed out and begged for a lock summon, etc. Would have kicked, but we were short ranged DPS to begin with. Anyway, after the wipe, said DPS, unknown to me, talked a pally into DI’ing him INSIDE THE WHELP CAVE. Yep; whelps kept spawning, people running back were dying, much confusion was present, etc.. Finally, I figured it out and kicked him, so he pulled Ony and wiped the raid.

Here’s the funny part…I know his guild’s GM (very casually), so I mentioned it to him via whisper that I’d be sharing this tale with said GM.
I have never seen a personality change that fast in my LIFE. :) Seriously, he language went from “haha you noob” to “I’m sorry we had this encounter.” He was on the verge of offering me a bribe, I think, to stay quiet. Anyway, long story short, turns out it wasn’t the actual account owner (said owner later profusely apologized) so all is well. Revenge of the casuals! :) (And no, we didn’t get her down, we kept losing 2-3 healers and tanks to DC’s during the initial whelp AOE.)

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  1. Yeah Ony 25 pugs suck requires patience and half decent dps. And to many people dont know the fight (it isnt hard), but phase 2 is the real kicker get that down the fight is almost to easy.

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