Nov 082009

I am absolutely stunned and devastated by the recent shootings at Fort Hood. (For those that don’t know, I am currently a U.S. Army officer serving in Korea.) One of the soldiers killed was SSG Justin Decrow, who was very briefly one of my soldiers (I was reassigned to a different unit shortly after his assignment to Korea). I won’t use this blog as a political forum, and I urge commenters not to do so either. However, I’d like to suggest Soldiers’ Angels as an eminently worthwhile charity, if you are so included. I’m particularly proud of their Valour-IT program, which purchases voice-controlled laptops for disabled soldiers.

May God remember the fallen.

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Feel your pain. I’m on terminal leave from the Navy (Diver) and will probably enlist/OCS in Army in a few months hoping for SF and sandbox/Afghanistan.

    Taking your issues out on un-armed people and expecting to commit suicide by police is a cowards way out, couldn’t care less what his religion or political/war beliefs were.

    • Par, I agree 100%.
      BTW, I deleted your other comment (the one with the feral druid video) since it doesn’t belong attached to this post. Feel free to repost it on the ArPen post, if you’d like.

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