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I’m taking a break from the druid stuff for a bit to look at professions…specifically, the cooldowns on those professions. Why? Well, everyone needs gold. Playing the AH (buy low/sell high, crafting for DE, glyphs, etc.) is definitely the best gold-making method in the game, but that takes time and effort; effort I’d rather spend on raiding, when I’m online. Therefore, I’ve compiled a quick table of (some of) the profession CD’s, and their relative profitability. (I’m only interested in focusing on items with CD’s, since that creates a soft cap on supply, which keeps prices high. Most items created by professions generally sell for less than the cost of their materials, since supply is so high; the exception being recipes that are harder to obtain, such as world drops/raid drops.)

Also, you can make a bit of money by buying CD’s off people who won’t exert themselves to grab their own mats off the AH. Note that I’ve included the cooking/JC dailies since they take under ~5 minutes, as long as you have the other items banked (Chilled Meat/Rhino Meat/Uncommon Gems).

Product AH Price Profit
Majestic Zircon 152 125
Ametrine 162 147
Cardinal Ruby 165 60
Dreadstone 137 117
King’s Amber 163 126
Eye of Zul 136 112
Xmute E.Water -> E. Fire 38 34
Xmute S.Bar -> T. Bar (1) 36 20
Titansteel Bar 200 30
Tailoring (2)    
Moonshroud 160 89
Spellweave 200 109
Ebonweave 120 91
Daily Quest (3) 17.5 17.5
Icy Prism (4) 70 -2
Dragon’s Eye (Daily) (5) 125 117

As you can see from the table, if you like making reliable gold from your professions, Alch/JC is the way to go. Log on, hit your xmute, do your ~5min JC daily, AH the gem/eye, and boom! 200g for 10min work, or more if you’re xmute specced, which you should be. (If you’re willing to forgo Eye sales for a few days, you can also learn a few epic cuts to boost your gem profitability). 

If you play less frequently than daily, than consider tailoring, and its ability to make ~400g every 4 days. (remember, you can specialize in one type of cloth, so you get 2 for 1…that’s 4 pieces every 4 days.) Unfortunately, Titansteel isn’t so hot right now since Titanium Ore is so expensive/profitable.  If there’s any cooldowns I’m forgetting (does Engineering have anything? Inscription?) please let me know in the comments. My main is currently Alch/LW, so once every 3 weeks or so, I look for a cheap 20-stack of eternals/gems, buy it, and xmute away. LW doesn’t do much, profession-wise. My (retired) alt is Tailor/Enchanter, so I mail him all my greens, and log him on twice a week to make cloth/DE. Every month, I mail him a stack of eternals/frostweave, and he mails back the rare cloth/essences/shards to my banker alt. (If I was doing it over, I’d make the bank alt a DK and give him alch/JC.)

Notes (All prices from; should be roughly accurate):
(1) Titanium Bar Xmute is due to go off CD in 3.3…this should bump up the price of Saronite Bars (and ore), making it only slightly profitable.
(2) As mentioned above, Tailoring is on a 4 day CD, compared to the rest which are all 1 day CD’s.
(3) Calculated by the value of quest reward gold + converting all tokens to spices for AH sale. Spices are probably worth more as cooking reagents but that’s beyond the scope of this post.
(4) I don’t have any hard data on Icy Prisms, but it looks like they make money if you get a red/eye/epic, and lose money otherwise. Probably a good way to unload Frost Orbs, but that’s about it. I welcome anyone else with better info- I can’t check wowhead atm so I’m not sure if the average 2.5 rare gem droprate that I found is accurate.
(5) Calculated by the AH price of Dragon’s Eyes minus the price of 2 green NR gems on AH.

  11 Responses to “Profession cooldowns FTW…how to earn 200g+ in 10min daily”

  1. I have three alchemists, one of every flavour :P

    I usually do Ametrine on my flask/pot alchemists – 15g cost, about 120g profit each time.

    I do rubies on my hunter, she’s my transmute alchemist. I do rubies because I can then send them to my lowbie mage JC, who can cut them into runed, to squeeze a little more gold out, or to supply Keeva with some spare runed rubies.

    Ametrine often has a better return on investment (depending on the cost of rubies and fires).. but if my ruby transmutes proc (I usually get doubles most of the time), then I get a decent little concurrent income from cut rubies (I’m too lazy to get the Ametrines cut). If I do Ametrines on all three characters, I end up swimming in one type of gem – I like to spread my auctions out a little more. I’m big on maximising turnover rather than maximising profit.

    I’m not playing much at the moment due to RL stuff.. but my gem and cloth transmutes bring me a steady little income of around 500g/day. It’s chump change by my normal standards, but I’m just too busy IRL atm to do my normal moneymaking. An almost passive income of 500g a day is very nice… I’m just stockpiling now, anyway.

  2. Good stuff. Engineering has no cooldowns, but some stuff that’s not commonly known – you’d be hard pressed to make more than 300-500g in a week off Engineering unless you’re running around harvesting clouds with the Mote Extractor, which takes a lot of time.

    I just dropped Mining for Alchemy, so this info was great.

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