Dec 302009

Well, as 2009 draws to a close (yes I’m early but I’m spending time with my family over New Year’s), I’d like to take a quick look back, and throw out some ideas for 2010.

My first post was Obligatory Intro Post, on July 1st of this year. I didn’t really have big plans for the blog, just wanted a chance to do some writing, and WoW seemed to be a good topic. Got a few visits from guildies, but my two posts on ArPen in 3.2 got some good publicity (thanks, Kalon) and things have gone up from there.

Overall stats for the last year:

  • Views: 45,200 (wow!)
  • Posts: 71
  • Comments: 209

2010 Plans


  • Get ready to find a new guild. (/sob) Sadly, I am moving back to the States from Korea in three weeks, and will have to bid farewell to my Oceanic guildies. (Guys, I’m planning on leaving my deathlock on Cael for now, so I’ll still be around, just at odd times.) If anyone’s looking for a feral DPS/off-tank/off-off-resto starting sometime in early Feb, let me know. Alliance PVE, 8-1130ish EST 2-3nights per week, progression focused is what I’m looking for.
  • Get enough frosts to get my 4pT10 for cat spec
  • Finally solo Prince Malchezzar in Kara (haven’t tried in a few months)
  • Start an alt to learn JC, so I don’t have to keep bugging guildies for gem cuts


  • Kitty DPS guide/3.3 gearing guide is in the works and should be released soon
  • Design the site (I would say redesign but I’ve never actually designed it other than picking a theme…I need a banner or something)
  • Move to a self-hosted domain (I’m tired of not letting me have wowhead tooltips, among other things)
  • Stop forgetting to tag posts
  • Add some more resto content, and maybe some basic moonkin content

Happy New Year, all!

  10 Responses to “2009 Retrospective/Things to do for 2010 (low content)”

  1. Great stuff so far, I have really enjoyed reading your posts. have a good new year!

  2. Your blog is great! I am checking it everyday for new stuff. Happy new year and thank you for all the bear info!

  3. Good luck on the move. My guild raids 3 nights per week 1930-2359 (and NO later) EST on a great and very close-knit RP-PVP server. You’d have my vote for sure.

    About the DPS guide – I’m planning on working up a Wow Wiki DPS guide that we can all edit together instead of working on the same issues separately in many different locations (official forums, EJ, MMO-Champion, TankSpot, StratFU, etc.) so we can avoid Single-Point Failure issues when the person maintaining the guide up and leaves or gets busy irl – and I would love to collaborate. If not I’ll just steal some ideas from you and post on the wiki page, ha ha.

    Email or contact on blog where I have a rough outline up.

    • @CB,

      Ehh, I detest feral PVP (though this could be because I’ve always had moderately high pings from playing on an Oceanic server). 7:30’s a bit early for me also, as I generally don’t log on WoW until my son goes to bed around 7-7:30. Thanks for the thought, though. I saw your guide outline on your blog, and I think that’s a good idea. WW’s probably the best place for it as well. I’ll still write my own guide, but it’s going to be more beginner-to-intermediate focused (so no discussion of proper desynchronization of Rip and SR timers or appropriate times to cast Gift to proc a free OOC, for example.).


      Thanks for the kind words…they really do inspire me to keep this up.

  4. very little reason to pvp these days unless you want to, generally speaking you can make it to the raid without pvp, level alts in dungeon runs and just avoid the other faction.

    good thinking on the guide, gonna be rough to make the wow wiki one both comprehensive and accessible, I’ll shoot a draft your way in a few days

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