Dec 212009

Since I don’t have the fortitude yet for a lengthy post (wtb RL PW:F) I’ll add a few of my thoughts from the last week, in faux-Twitter handy bulleted format.

  • To the PUG mage in FoS: I was all prepared to bitch about you after you ripped aggro off me on the second trash pack…but then you pulled this hot little frost nova/blink/poly combo out. We’re cool.
  • To the hunter in PoS who continually frost-trapped the farthest-away mob, without asking: Even though I didn’t need the CC, much love, bro, much love.
  • To the warlock in FoS who lifetapped down to 33%, killed himself via spell-reflect, then blamed the healer: Go die in (your own) fire. Here’s a tip…tanks and healers are hard to find, but I can fill a DPS spot in about 30s.
  • To me in FoS: That little room with a trash pack is a good spot for an LOS pull…but when you’re backing away over the little bridge to LOS, make sure to, you know, not fall off. D’oh.
  • To Krag, the best priest healer I know: Thanks for sticking out my HoR learning curve. I cried a little inside every time the footman/mercenary one-shot you. I did. Really.
  • To Ela, the best resto druid I know: No, you can’t kite the blood beasts on Saurfang by jumping off the platform and then flying back in…thanks for trying the jumping part though! :)
  • To the pally healer in the pug TOGC-10 I joined two nights ago: Yes, I know I’ve never healed TOGC before, and yes, I know you have a big advantage in gearscore…but I’m pretty sure that you’re suppposed to use Holy Light for tank healing on the beasts…FOL/HS isn’t going to cut it. If I’m outhealing you ON THE TANKS…there’s a problem, I think. (And no, we never got past the beasts.)
  • To Blizzard: The new LFG system is crazy good; grats on an EXCELLENT patch experience. Thank you also for nerfing boss abilities which had become annoyingly redundant, such as Ionar’s disperse in HoL and Tharon’ja’s fleshstealing in DTK. I know the scripted events are hard to speed up (CoS, Brann in HoS), but can we at least get more harpoons on Skadi now?
  • To RNG: The only upgrades for me from the new 5-mans are the Scorpion trinket from FoS (for cat) and the Snowflake trinket from HoR (for resto)…It’s been two weeks, can I at least see it drop once? (Same for the Battered Hilt, for that matter.) Actually, that reminds me…To any of you wonderful resto druid bloggers out there, *smiles beatifically at Kae* can you tell me if the Talisman of Resurgence is worth buying? Currently using Egg of Mortal Essence and Energy Siphon. (I’ve heard conflicting things about the Snowflake, so just waiting to try that one.)
  • To all tanks: The skeleton two-pull at the very beginning of FoS is very soloable, if you’re still hell-bent on farming for the Hilt. Got bored last night, and found I can easily kill that two-pull, stealth past the next two five-pulls, kill the next two-pull, and run back out and reset.

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  1. *grins* I’ll have to look at the trinkets better to get an idea. Personally, I’m against most click-use trinkets, and int isn’t the greatest stat in the world for a resto (compared to the spellpower or spirit on other trinkets). I’ve stuck with Sef’s Remembrance and Spark of Hope, personally… even the snowflake I’ve just stuffed in a deep corner of my bags for some happen-chance that I find a specific fight to use it on.

    As for Scorpion, isn’t Mjolnir’s Runestone still rated above it due to its chance to proc on crits rather than any hit? I’ve heard the uptime isn’t that great in comparison.

  2. Egg: haste proc around once per minute, unreliable (thus shouldn’t really be counted on for GCD stuff)–can throw you off your GCD groove, though can be a nice proc if using more nourish/regrowth-heavy healing at the time. 98 spellpower.

    Energy Siphon: click-use 408sp/20sec, same cooldown as Talisman of Resurgence. 54mp5.

    Talisman of Resurgence: click-use 599 sp/20 sec. 128 int is about 0.77% crit and 1920 mana, and some small boost to your mana regen.

    If you use your click-use regularly, I can see the ToR being an upgrade over the Energy Siphon, in terms of raw spellpower… but if we’re thinking just in terms of spellpower, may as well pick up Illustration of the Dragon Soul from Sarth25 instead, at a steady 200 spellpower once you get going with it.

    Generally, as a resto druid, you want to steer away from click-use trinkets, since our over-time spells are less reactive than a click-use boost would be useful for (ie emergency heals to a dieing tank), and haste-procs make your GCD (thus your cast speed rotation) more jumpy and hard to work with. As a regen trinket, I think the snowflake is a better option over the energy siphon (even if the haste-click may see only rare situational use, since nourish has the same cooldown as the GCD).

    That’s my thoughts on it, at least :)

    • Sadly, I agree completely with you that most trinket procs are far too unreliable to be useful (cept for, say, mp5). I really should just run with 2 spellpower trinkets…I haven’t had to use a mana pot in almost forever. Sadly, OS25 pugs are vanishingly rare on my server these days.

      Oh, and yeah, Mjolnir is probably still slightly better then the NES, but given as our guild is still struggling on normal modes (stuck on Yogg and Saurfang for 10’s, currently), I don’t think a hard-mode kill is in the cards anytime soon.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Alaron. If it makes you feel any better when I tanked HoR on my DK I got through first boss no probs but I managed to wipe our group a LOT during the gauntlet *sigh*. Still gives me nightmares :P

    So I feel your pain. Thankfully Elassar was very patient with me.

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