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(Reason #27 feral druids are OP)

So, Blizzard may have nerfed the ability for all classes to farm for the Hilt from the non-elite Slaves in Pit of Saron…but bears can still farm quite well, and you don’t need uber gear to do it. (Oddly enough, the thought of a bear wearing a straw hat and chewing on a cornstalk just entered my head.)

The Soulguard Watchmen (large skeletons) in Forge of Souls are your ticket to hilt-dom. They only come in packs of two, have a very slow swing speed, and don’t hit overly hard through Savage Defense. Their only “tricks” are a temporary spell-reflect and a 10s on-hit  +10% damage/attack speed stacking buff they can start accumulating at 50% health. This leads to the following pull strats:

  • Safer: Root one on the pull, and start whacking the other. Infected Wounds slows them dramatically, so run away and heal/re-root if you need to (be careful of the reflect). You only want one to be sub-50%, to cut down on the buff accumulation, and if the buff starts getting high (4-5 stacks), just run away for 10s until the buff drops.
  • Faster (need to be reasonably geared): Taking advantage of the Glyph of Maul, just tank and kill them both. Alternate Mangles and Lacerates on the two (or you can just swipe, but that’s boring). Pop Berserk and Barkskin sub-50%; use Survival Instincts/Frenzied Regen as needed. Kite if needed.

Each two-pull should take you 1-2 minutes, depending on strat and gear. (Cat gear works fine…cat spec would be iffy but should be fine with the safer strategy.) Go kitty and stealth to get from pull to pull, just be sure to leave yourself some kite room if you need it. Also, try to avoid the “skull bomb” points, as they can be fatal if you’re running away to heal. Note: Even if you’re not playing an OP class, any tank class can farm the 2 at the start and reset; problem is you can only enter five instances per hour.

There’s 4 two-pulls in the instance, which I can generally clear in about 8-10 minutes. Once you’re done, either stealth back out (slow) or remove your gear and hop off a platform. :) Reset your instance, and repeat as desired. Best guess on Hilt droprate right now is about 0.25% per mob, so 50 runs (5 runs an hour is doable) should be about average for the hilt to drop. (New wowhead data shows the droprate at 0.1%…so figure on a lot more runs.)YMMV. Good luck! :)

  10 Responses to “Farming Forge of Souls for the [Battered Hilt]”

  1. I’m just drooling over the Lightborn Spire, so I will have to give this a go and try my luck.

    It’s more likely that I’ll end up buying a hilt in a week or two when the price drops but you never know ;)

    • GL! I can only do about 5 runs before I lose interest, so been trying for a few days now. Received several epics, but not the important one. I still need to run FoS for that damned Scorpion trinket (1 drop in 12 kills, which I lost to a RETPALLY…sigh.), but once I do that, that obviously locks me out of farming for the day. I’m also waiting for some more wowhead data on droprates, too, before I start farming in earnest. I know that I’ve cleared the 5-mans most every day for the past two weeks and never seen one. Hmm…thought…time to go dust off the statistics textbook and relook how to do binomial distributions.

      BTW, I haven’t really decided what to do with it either…I have a 245 Longstaff, so it’s only a small upgrade for my feral spec; it’s be a bigger upgrade for my resto spec…but I really only heal 5-mans…ehhh.

  2. Alaron… you cant deny the joy of saying… “I farm it for myself…” =P

  3. Just tryed to farm it. did the root and smake style. did ok on the first pull. stealthed up to the second one. got one mob down, died on the second. *sigh* i had 42k hp so maybe thats why i died. reset instance, went back in same thing died on the first pull.
    guess its back to farming for it for me. /cry

  4. I have given it 5 runs killing about 30 of them generating about 3% drop chance. I farmed and got the Rivendare mount about 40+ runs with 1% drop each time, I figure if I clear the whole 8 guards in each run giving me 0.8% that’s similar to one run of Rivendare mount. Rivendare was fast taking me 7 minutes each run, but the FoS doesn’t have a fast get away, so what’s really taking so long is running back to reset the instance. Any idea?

  5. Anyone have luck with this? I just saw this tonight and gave it a shot. Only ran this a few times tonight and obviously no drop. Would be encouraging to hear that someone actually got the hilt to drop.

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