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The Frozen Halls is the complex of the three new 5-man instances added in Patch 3.3, of which Forge of Souls is the first and easiest. To get there, start facing the door of Icecrown Citadel, and fly right and up–you should see a ledge with banners hand from it. On that ledge is a tunnel which leads into the room with the three entrance doors. (Note: I HIGHLY recommend you go find this for yourself the first time, before taking advantage of the LFG system’ Teleport to Dungeon. You don’t want to be the guy/girl holding up the group after a wipe because you can’t find your way back.)


  • Most of the damage in here is Shadow, so shadow resistance can help.
  • If it seems like there’s a lot of trash, don’t worry…there’s very little trash between Bronjahm and DoS.
  • After finishing this instance, the exit door will take you directly to Pit of Saron, the second in the series.

Notable Trash:

Nothing, really.The 2-pull skeletons are tank and spank. Soulguard 3/4/5 pulls are a bit challenging for a tank to keep threat on due to spacing; deathgrips/counterspells to group them up are helpful. (There’s pretty much nowhere to LOS.) As always, kill casters (Bonecasters/Adepts) first if you’re having problems, but AOE should be fine.  The Wardens after Bronjahm do a good chunk of partywide damage, which should wake the healer up if he’s been half-asleep. 


Tank and spank at the beginning. Has an AOE centered on him that has a 28yd range, which hits harder based on your mana; casters/healer should maintain max range if possible. He will also pick a random member of the party and cast Corrupted Soul, a 4s cast that summons in a soul fragment. This fragment will attempt to get near him and heal him. You can burn down the fragment, kite him away from the fragment, or just burn him to 30% where phase 2 starts. In phase 2, he’ll teleport to the center and chain-cast an AOE storm that hits everything over 10 yards away from him, and occasionally toss in an AOE fear that runs people into the storm. Just collapse on him and run back in if you get feared into the storm.

Devourer of Souls
Great voice! Anyway, DoS isn’t too bad. He has two main abilities, which he will use constantly–cast Phantom Blast on the tank (2s cast, interruptable, but easily healable through) or jump to a player in the raid and spawn a Well of Souls (voidzone, move out). He also has three special abilities:
1. Mirrored Soul- while Mirrored, DoS reflects a good chunk of damage taken back at you…stop DPS.
2. Wailing Soul- Turns to face a target, waits a few seconds, then unleashes a “line of souls” while turning 90 degrees. Just get behind him/out of the line of soul and you’ll be fine.
3. Unleashed Soul- A bunch of untargetable ghosts spawn in and chase all members of the party for a little while. Keep moving, try not to get boxed in…they’re just like the ghosts from Naxx, only more of them.

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