Dec 262009

Kalon at Thinktank recently posted his feelings on being a tank for random instances, which has generated quite a few comments. Go read his post, but summed up, he says that he’s in a random dungeon solely for his Frosts, and he wants to get in and get out. He doesn’t care about people doing low dps, as long as they don’t do anything that wipes the group.

As usual, I (mostly) agree with him. Here’s my rules when I’m in a random group (typically tanking):

  • No chat abuse, period. I don’t care where we are in the dungeon; I don’t care what the situation is. It’s a game. I had a H UP run ysterday (on my lock, unfortunately) where the DK was doing double the DPS of the others, constantly let us know about it, told the healer he sucked, etc. Yes, the healer wasn’t very good, the tank wasn’t much better…but “haha lol u suk at wow” doesn’t really help things, does it? Said DPS got himself kicked right before the last boss. Enjoy your requeue time, boyo.
  • I don’t care what your DPS or gearscore or whatever, is, really, with the exception of HoR. I can do 3k+ DPS while tanking, so things are going to die eventually. (I really wish there was a JerkScore addon, though.) If you pull aggro, I’ll taunt something, but if you’re melee, you might end up dying.
  • I generally prefer a very fast pace, but I usually take the first few pulls a bit slower to figure out how well the healer can keep up. If the healer’s undergeared or less experienced, I have no problems slowing down. DPS, guess what? I care about the healer’s mana and position, not yours. Your “omg go already” remarks are quite easily ignored. (On the flip side, this is why I hate running instances as a non-tank, since so many tanks take FOREVER to pull.)
  • If I’m in the instance as a random dungeon, I’m not really interested in doing achievements or extra bosses, but I’ll give it a try if asked nicely. I reserve the right to say no (as in the HUP run earlier where one of the dps was asking to do an achievement even though the healer was struggling to keep people alive).

  2 Responses to “On elitism and the LFG system”

  1. I have been so extremely lucky with the LFG system so far. I’ve never had a horrible tank and I’m always the healer (or another guildie). That being said I have seen some very average dps. Any time the healer beats a dps in damage is just sad. One i get my pet I probably wont bother with pugs much. Guil tanks and dps are just so much better and faster to run with. :)

  2. I would rather run PUGs than guildie groups usually. You never know what you are going to get and that makes it more fun. Also, I don’t have to wait between randoms while the guild mom takes care of some laundry or someone needs to smoke or let the dog out or whatever. It is all a waste of my time and since I am tanking I control how the run goes 95% of the time anyway. I will take those odds and take my chances with PUGing.

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