Dec 142009


The Frozen Halls is the complex of the three new 5-man instances added in Patch 3.3, of which Pit of Saron is the second, of moderate difficulty. To get there, start facing the door of Icecrown Citadel, and fly right and up–you should see a ledge with banners hand from it. On that ledge is a tunnel which leads into the room with the three entrance doors. (Note: I HIGHLY recommend you go find this for yourself the first time, before taking advantage of the LFG system’s Teleport to Dungeon. You don’t want to be the guy/girl holding up the group after a wipe because you can’t find your way back.)


  • Frost resistance is handy for an undergeared group on Garfrost and Tyrannus.
  • Nature resistance is handy on K&I.
  • If you REALLY want your Quel’Dalar, you can farm the Skeletal Slaves in here solo. CC the Necrolyte, kill/loot the slaves, and drop aggro (run out, shadowmeld, feign death, whatever). There’s 5 nec/slave groups running around, so you can clear all five, duck out, and reset the instance to reset the trash. The item to start the quest chain has about a 0.1% droprate, though (estimated), so good luck with that.

Notable Trash:

All the beginning trash is AOE’able, and notable only for having high HP.  You can go left or right around the middle crevasse, but every group I’ve been in has gone right. (Which gives you more than enough slaves to finish the quest, if needed.)  There’s a small ambush around the back of the crevasse, after Garfrost. Just hang back a bit, let the slaves get nailed, then pull as normal.

The trash packs going up the hill after Krick are easily the hardest of the instance. First, you’ll have to deal with two five-pulls, with three casters (Flamebearer/Wrathbringer) and two melee. The Flamebearers are the nasty ones, since they’ll Blink to a random target in your group and start casting Hellfire…which sucks, seeing how constricted the path up is. If you can, I’d recommend cc’ing the back Flamebearer. The two six-pulls after those are easier; the damage on the tank will be heavier, but there will be much less party damage to occupy the healer. Again, if you can cc one of the frost mages in the back, it’s helpful.  (Don’t stand in the circle, even if it is pretty.)

The tunnel gauntlet with falling ice isn’t hard..have the tank run to the middle, grabbing every add he passes, and AOE them down with the revenant. Heal/regen mana in the center (safe from ice spot) and run to the end, repeat.


Forgemaster Garfrost
As soon as one add or the boss is aggroed, all six adds and the boss will aggro on the offender. Let the tank get a bit of AOE threat, AOE the adds down, then focus on Garfrost.  He has a stacking aura (Permafrost) that does cold damage, and throws boulders at random raid members…so get behind the boulders for 3 sec to get rid of the buff. It is dispellable, however, so most groups won’t have to worry about it.  At 66% and 33% HP, he’ll stun everyone and jump to an an anvil to get a new weapon, doubling (and redoubling) his cold damage.  PS: Boulder Time. He adds a cone attack in P2, and a slow/DoT in P3, which aren’t much to worry about.  Just watch your debuff if you have no dispeller–a full 30x stack of Permafrost will do 9600 damage (before resi) every two seconds in p3.

Krick and Ick
Clear out all the trash around K&I before you start. They just require some awareness; they’re not too difficult. (Krick rides on top of Ick, and is untargetable.) Krick will generally throw around lots of green stuff (get out), but he’ll also cast a poison nova (run away), order Ick to pursue one of the non-tanks (run away) or throw out lots of mines (run away…dodge mines). Feel free to pull them out of the initial area if you want more room to run.

Scourgelord Tyrannus
Fun fight. At the start, Tyrannus will dismount from his frostwyrm, who will fly around and throw ice at players (can’t dodge this..damage and stun) and the ground (dodge this…turns into ice patches that do a lot of damage and slow you if you’re on them). While this is going on, Tyr will alternately mark a target with Overlord’s Brand (which causes that target’s damage to reflect to the tank…stop DPS), Forceful Smash the tank (which hits for a lot, and knocks him back pretty far), and Empower, which doubles his damage for 10s. He usually Empowers right after a Smash, so if you’re tanking, position yourself with an ice patch somewhere behind you…you can kite him over the ice.