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With 3.3 dropping next week (supposedly), I thought I’d take a quick look at the best place to spend Emblems of Frost, feral-wise.  Luckily, it didn’t take very long.

Cats: Get 4PT10, of any ilvl. The set bonus is insanely powerful (5-7% DPS boost, by itself). The gear is also LOADED with +agi and +ArPen, which is amazingly good for kitty DPS.  If anything, +hit and +expertise is going to be a problem. When I get a chance, I’ll work up some more detailed numbers on ArPen, but I expect that gemming ArPen will significantly outpace Agility, due to increased +AP (which scales better with ArPen then Agility) and the amount of passive ArPen on gear. The “sticky spot” will be getting from softcap ArPen (722 with Needle-Encrusted Scorpion, which drops from the new 5-man) to hardcap ArPen (1400). I’ll have to run the numbers to check, but things will look something like this:

  • 0-300 ArPen: gem Agility
  • 300-ArPen softcap (722/xxx, depending on trinket): gem ArPen
  • 722-1000(ish) ArPen: gradually ungem ArPen to stay around softcap; gem Agility to white crit cap, then Expertise to cap, then Hit to cap, then Strength
  • 1000(ish) passive ArPen: switch out the ArPen proc trinket, regem for ArPen, now going for the 1400 ArPen hardcap
  • >1400 ArPen: go back to Exp/Hit/Str gemming

Yeah, this is confusing as hell. ISN”T THIS FUN?

Bears: Get 4PT10, of any ilvl. The extra mitigation from the set bonus is very very (VERY) nice. Generally speaking, I’ll keep it and Barkskin on cooldown individually, to help the healers, or it can be comboed to help with a boss special. Anyway,  shoot for that, then look to pick up the cloak/belt/trinket, depending on ICC drops.

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  1. Kalon at ThinkTank put a post up yesterday talking about this very subject..

  2. Normally I have a great deal of respect for much of the analysis you do, but please keep in mind what your talk about ArPen numbers cause people to do:

    Average player X is in significantly-less-than-BiS gear, far below the hit cap, decent skill, suboptimal raid comp but gets to a new instance like ICC10 and something drops with huge amounts of Str or Crit or even Hit and is two tierlevels above the same-slot piece he had from Ulduar10/25.

    He remembers looking at your list and that last he checked he was at ~315 ArPen. He doesn’t roll/spend DKP on the item and it goes to someone’s offspec because it doesn’t have ArPen on it. Your misinformation just cost him and therefore his raid an upgrade.

    Sure, the numbers in this example may be way off, but the point still stands – giving people hard and fast ArPen/Agi/Crit % numbers to follow just means that they’ll tunnel vision on those numbers and keep an old item that has that stat on it, over an item that’s not “ideally” itemized to your preference.

    A person could conceivably load themselves so full on old ArPen gear using your numbers that they’re completely neglecting any sort of Hit to the point that on a dynamic fight they stand a significant chance to miss crucial Rip’s right before losing contact with the boss.

    /sadface at people giving out simple easy shortcuts when there are none in feral gearing

    • CB,

      I think I was pretty clear that the list I posted (which was done with fudged numbers) was for ArPen gemming, not gearing. Gearing choices should always be made using a decent stat weight calculator (Pawn, Rawr, Toskk, etc.). I was really just commenting on how wildly the “optimum” gemming changed as ArPen number changed.

      In general, I don’t think people have too much of a problem with passing on higher ilvl gear because they’re trying to stack a certain stat. The problem tends to go the other way, where you’re trying to convince someone to not roll on a higher ilvl piece because of the poor itemization for their spec. (GearScore also contributes to this problem in a big way.) TOC10 trinkets are a great example of this.

  3. Hmmm… I see no mention of that stat weight calculator in your post. Realize that the people who come to your blog aren’t necessarily all that knowledgeable, see these kinds of lists and all they take away from it is


    which does the community a disservice.

    Either case, disregarding the above – if Rawr and Toskk should be used for gearing – then I’m pretty sure they can be used for gemming as well – so even if you had mentioned that in the post (which you didn’t …Sir), then the entire ArPen list would be moot. Pawn is a fool’s errand – as every single stat ‘weight’ will immediately change for every different fight, with every changed buff/debuff or minute playstyle change …and with every new piece of gear. And never more so than now in ICC when ferals can reasonably be expected to hit multiple stat caps – meaning one or two pieces of gear puttting you near the hit/crit/ArPen/soft/hard/whatever cap will immediately skew the usefulness of various stats wildly back and forth.

    In short:
    Simple and easy shortcut lists like the one above does nothing but mislead people into thinking they can follow simple shortcuts to improve their dps. Hopefully this’ll be true in Cataclysm, but until then there’s really only Rawr, Toskk, Simulation Craft and/or massive math involved.

    That said, I’m interested in making a combined wiki-based effort at codifying and collecting feral dps knowledge, and would love to see you edit a wow wiki page on Feral Raid DPS that should go up in the next few weeks.

    • CB…you’re preaching to the choir. :) In my earlier ArPen post (which will be updated for 3.3 this Saturday, when I have a big chunk of time to sit down and run the numbers), I’ve told people to not follow a guide blindly, plug your stats into a decent calculator like Rawr or Toskk’s and find out for yourself. I understand the problems with Pawn; that said, it’s not hard to change the weights, and it’s MUCH better then nothing.

      Also, there’s still an active community on Toskk’s forums (and EJ), so I’d consider asking there for help as well with your wiki project. I think the basics are pretty easily covered, but there’s some advanced complexities for DPS maximization (especially for multiple-add scenarios) that are difficult.

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