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Jan 282010

Stress and anxiety over, for the time being; 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats, 6 pieces of luggage, a carry-on bag, and a laptop safely delivered to the States. I’ll be blogging some, but as  I’m left with a somewhat ancient integrated-graphics machine connecting back across the globe to the Oceanic servers on crappy hotel wifi, if you do see me in-game, don’t expect anything special. (Actually, don’t expect everything at all, as I’ve probably d/ced.) I’m doing some alting and attempting 5-mans, but raiding is probably out of the question (at least until I get out of this hotel next week.) Got some post ideas bouncing around in my head, but any serious theorycraft stuff will probably have to wait for a while (which is fine with me, as theorycraft takes a bunch of time to do well).

Nifty stuff to check out:

  •’s 15 Minutes of Fame piece on a fellow Army officer and WoW player, with some good stuff on how he managed to play a bit while deployed in Iraq. (Thanks for the link, CB.)
  • Darksend, Jacemora, and Vallen are keeping up the feral love on their blogs, and CB continues to do good work on the wowwiki feral dps guide.  Go visit them, I’ve got nothing atm. ;)

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  1. Oceanic servers are actually hosted in the US. However, hotel internet is sketchy at best for playing WoW.

    Welcome back!

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