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Jan 222010

I’ve been very busy with packing and taking care of last-minute details. (You want to know what’s even MORE fun then packing up a household for an around-the-world move while a 17-month-old unpacks everything behind you? When said 17-month-old can’t keep anything down. I’m beating my wife 3-1 in the “times puked on” contest). This appears to be a week for goodbyes, however, as both Kalon (at Thinktank) and Runy (at Unbearably HoT) have called it quits for now. Kalon, especially, has always posted excellent thoughts and commentary, and the WoW blogosphere is the lesser for his departure. He’s been the premier feral blogger, IMHO, ever since he picked up the torch from Andrew/Karthis (Of Teeth and Claws). I hope to follow in his footsteps. (Er. In a few weeks. Few other matters to handle first. Apparently, even in 2010, mortgages still require a lot of paper to be signed).

With my move, I will also be saying good-bye to the guild I helped create. The Bandits have been an excellent family for me, and I hate to leave, but time zones bend to no man. As such, I’d like to send out a few personal goodbyes. (I’ve undoubtedly missed a few people, so I apologize in advance.)

  • Addric: Thank you for stepping up to tank when we were short, and keeping it up through thick and thin, from Naxx to ICC. I know you had a lot of struggles at first, but unlike some other ragequit tanks that we had (Hi, W*), you always took suggestions well and improved your game.
  • Sak: Even though you’ve stepped aside from WoW, your leet pally-tanking dragged our sorry butts through more Naxx-25 runs than I can remember. WHERE IS MY SAK IS BACK BANNER? :(
  • Caractis: (Member #1 of the Million Alts club): Miss your heals, bro.
  • Killae: Who could forget the guild mascot? :) Haven’t seen you in a while; hope the back’s doing better.
  • Grex: Another lifer and felllow melee DPS’er. I know we had some disagreements, but I’ll bring you to a run any day. (It wasn’t me who missed the interrupt on Gen V, I SWEAR.)
  • Nere: Drunken warlockery (shamanry?) = classic Vent moments. You can always come count the Heigan flames. (1…2…3…4…3…*crunchcrunchcrunch*…NERE ARE YOU EATING ON VENT AGAIN…2…)
  • Dapple: Peerless roguery…and guess what, someone else wiped on the ledge sub-boss under Kolo, so you’re not a special snowflake anymore. ;)
  • Zane: Great DK tanking, all the time. Get a mic, man! I can only see about 4 lines of your /rw macro spam before it scrolls off the screen. :P
  • Lian: My favorite retar retnu um, super awesome ret pally. Seriously, whenever I got to DPS, I was secretly trying to root you so I could top you on the meters. :)
  • Shai: (Member #2 of the Million Alts club): Wait, shammies can heal? What?
  • Ami/Danz: Playing with you was always crazy fun: fun because you rocked, crazy becuase you always d/c’ed right AFTER the pull. ;)
  • Lplate: (Founder of the Million Alts club): I’m in awe of your toon naming scheme. No, seriously, none of this “who’s alt is that?” Great stuff.
  • Arnost: Your DK has gotten AMAZINGLY better since you started. Keep up the (unholy) fire, man.
  • Lunc: I don’t really have any amusing stories to tell about you, because you were always the guy that we could coun on to be flexible and fill whatever role we needed. DPS? Yep. Tank? NP. Alaron ego-buffer? Erm, no. ;)
  • Temp; A warrior’s warrior. Or something. (I hate you for going Fury, though…My rotation is so much easier with an Armsbot.) :P
  • Sap: May your eloquently worded insults and pithy observations continue to fly over the heads of everyone in the guild. :)
  • Krothe: The Bandits Sacrificial Lamb, Version 2.0.
  • Felidae: Stop being right about stuff, dammit! You’re taking the guild know-it-all position away from me. :) (well, I guess you can have it now. /sadface)
  • Spel/XI: I miss the conversations we used to have. Remember when we did the dreadsteed quest together in BC and we were all like”Dire Maul? pff. Weve got 70’s, baby” and then almost wiped? :)
  • Dazzy: Bringing the deeps, man, BRINGING THE DEEPS. Yours and Ayan’s fight for the top of the meters was awesome (unless I was tanking, then it was “INVIS ALREADY”).
  • Assirea: Our silent chicken ASSASSIN. Seriously, she wouldn’t say anything the whole run, and you’d look at the meters, and her boomkin would be on top by a MILE. Awesome. (And, just once, it would have been hysterical if you had snapped and been like “dammit, Al, for the fifth freaking time, my brez is STILL ON COOLDOWN.”)
  • Bigtail: I still haven’t the foggiest idea how you merge FRAPS, being a clicker, and super-leet DPS. Oh, wait, you’re a hunter. That explains it. :) Congrats on your promotion.
  • Illia/Elanotatree: Your heals were the backbone of most of our runs. (Krag/Ela? Pssh. I know the true story.) Thanks for always healing, even dual-speccing holy/disc when the rest of the healers were picking up dps offspecs.
  • Elassar/Elatree: You taught me a ton about druid healing, enough to convince me to, um, pick up the branches. Hopefully I taught you a bit about feraling as well (and please try to forget the bit about relieving yourself on the nearest tree…I may or may not have been sleep-deprived.)
  • Ayan: I STILL think that your Sapphiron iceblock in Naxx-25 was 1) way more deadly then my Kara facepull 2) way more hysterical. “NOT ME NOT ME!” “Wha…hey why do we have four icebl*boom*”. Oh, and hopefully this balances the account: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I’ll miss you.
  • Krag, the pro GL: Thick and thin, big guild (what, 200+ now) or little (damn, gotta PUG 3 for Naxx-10 again), you were the rock that kept us going. We had a tone of great conversations. Thanks for everything that you do, BESIDES the whole paying for vent/guild website/maintaining ranks/guild bank/enchants on demand/loot drama soother thing. GL with the rest of ICC.


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    1. Ugh. Sorry to hear about your kid; that sucks in many different ways. And parting a guild sucks too. Good luck with the move and thanks so much for the well-wishes.

      And especially good luck with the writing :)

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