Just a bit busy

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Jan 122010

Just so people know, I’m moving my family from Korea back to the States in two weeks, and am also buying a house there, with all the paperwork that entails. As such, my posting schedule may be slightly lighter than usual. :) Even if I’m not posting, I’ll try to respond to any comments within 24 hours.

I also think my itinerary is…well…relativistic. See below:

Depart: Seoul Incheon Int’l 11:05 AM
Seoul KR Monday, January 25
Arrive: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Arpt 10:20 AM
Atlanta, GA USA Monday, January 25
Terminal N
Seat: Not Assigned Stopovers: 0
Meal: Dinner Mileage: 7135
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 Travel Time: 13:15

Apparently, I’m arriving before I leave, but it takes me 13 hours to do it. :)

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  1. Yay for time travel!
    Hope the move will go without problems :D

  2. ATL? Here permanently or just passing through?

    • Heading to Augusta, actually, so not too far away. Was originally getting a connecting flight there, but seeing as I’ll have a jetlagged 16-month-old (which should be fun), I decided to just rent a car and drive the rest of it.

  3. Alaron moving makes Krag a very sad healer/raid leader/guild master. I’m gona miss the big black bear :(
    Whichever realm/guild gets Alaron is extremely lucky. Thanks for all the good times Ala.

  4. Good luck in all your new projects u have…

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