Lock adventures

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Jan 132010

I’ve been playing my lock (my old main) a bit more with the advent of 3.3, and I just wanted to relate a quick story.

Background: My lock dies. A lot. A lot a lot. (This is probably because he’s still mostly in blues/Naxx10 stuff, which gives me the false sense of security that I won’t pull threat off a tank. Protip: Immolation Aura+Rain of Fire does absolutely amazing AOE DPS for about 5 seconds, then the whole pack will splatter you.) I did a H POS run with him with several guild alts, and he died SIX times during that run.

So, I brought him along to a random dungeon (Gundrak) two nights ago with the same guild alts (the healer made me sign a waiver, just about). I was good, I promise…I let the tank get off a thunderclap before AOE’ing, I stayed at range, I keybound my soulshatter AND saved enough shards for it (coughnooblockcough). We’d killed everything and were burning down Gal’darah at the end when the healer piped up on Vent, saying “man, this run was great, Ala’s lock didn’t even die once.”

Five seconds later, with rhino Gal at about 5% health, he does his charge thing, hits me, then randomly decides to toss in a melee attack before going back to the tank. (No, I wasn’t even close on threat…yes, it was a one-shot.)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much Vent laughter. :)

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  1. Haha, in my long tanking experience, locks die all the time :))

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