Jan 282010

Step 1: Find a fight that requires you to DPS only for a very short amount of time (20-30 secs). This could be either a zerg (Sarth3D, before kiting Tenebron) or a tankswap boss with a DPS race component, where tank survivability isn’t a big issue. (Prof Putri phase phree, maybe? Sorry, couldn’t resist the mangled alliteration.)

Step 2: Get the Nevermelting Ice Crystal, and chain with Scorpion trinket/Berserk/speed potion/Heroism/Hysteria, if you can get it.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: WIN.


  2 Responses to “Random Thought of the Day”

  1. Given our incredibly high crit rate, isn’t the effect a) kinda useless if we’re at crit cap already and b) very short lived as our attacks will rapidly use up the crit bonus.

    • Sierro, a) Yes, this gets less useful as you get better gear, especially if you have a 245/251 trinket. b) Read the tooltip again. The bonus only decrements on SPELL crits.

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