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Welcome to the 3.3 Cat Gearing guide! Icecrown is upon us, and it’s time to shred Arthas and his minions, piece by piece. (Since they’re undead, after all. Quick thought: exactly how do my bleed attacks hurt them, anyway? Thankfully, there’s some backup firepower.)

Ferals are in a very interesting place right now, theorywise; our stats have risen to the point where we are bumping into multiple caps, and proper gemming seems to change on a daily basis. (This is due to the fact that gear ilevel is higher than the devs expected pre-Wrath, because of hardmodes.) This is not an exclusively feral problem, by any means, but it does make optimization very difficult. While there have been many things written about gearing options, most haven’t taken enough variables into account. Proper suggestions for a HM raider, vs a new raider, are very different; however, too many people have attempted to synthesize gear decisions into an overly simplistic decision matrix that may or may not be applicable.  

So, for my gear advice, I’ll actually build three “BIS lists,” and provide advice for each:

  • The 5-man/alt “casual player.” This player doesn’t raid frequently or on a high level, but is interested in good performance. Gear focused around non-raiding pieces (ilvl 232/badge 245).
  • The progression raider. This player wants to maximize his DPS to complete the story and finish off LK. Gear focused around normal-mode 25-man raiding (ilvl 264). (If there’s interest, I may work one up for 10m strict raiders.)
  • The hardmode raider. This player will pull out all the stops to boost their dps…or they’re going to be benched for someone else. No gear limits.

Before getting to those sets, though, I’ll start with some discussion on the things that won’t change (much), like enchants, metagems, buffs, etc. I’ll eventually roll all of this into the overall cat guide that I”m putting together. Anyway, on to Part 1! As always, leave me comments and I’ll fix anything that’s wrong. :)

  3 Responses to “The 3.3 Cat Gearing Guide, Introduction”

  1. My biggest complaint about sites, is that most people build gear lists for casual or hardcore, at the root of it it seems simple enough.

    The problem is, my guild and I am sure like many others fit somewhere in between.

    We are hardcore, but dont have the time to put up with the BS of managing a huge team.

    Our group is made up of10 people who would be well received in a 25 man group, but dont want to put up with the drama when you get too many people in one place.

    As for your defined Hardmode raiders, I would be very impressed if they are out searching gear advise, since they will likely already have the 10 man or 25 man gear, and would already know what they want out of ICC.

    If we are talking strategy’s I see great value in a normal and hard mode.

    but by the time your in 10 man hardmode, you should already know what your gear ups are going to be.

    So , maybe I am wrong, but I see more value in 10 man and 25 man gear lists, then a hardmode gear list.

    • That’s a good point, actually, especially since Kalon at Thinktank has already posted an excellent gear list for hardmodes. The gear list is incidental; I’m more interested in how stat values change as gear and buffs change.

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