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EDIT: Thanks to all who replied. I’ll be joining <Collateral Damage> on US-Vek’nilash. I’m also working on a blog post describing how I went about looking for a new guild.

Not much to report; I’m still killing people while tanking due to bad hotel wifi and a slow computer, but that’s not new. Tanking in 2pT10 with cat gear on leads to some nice DPS numbers.  My DK finally hit 80, so I get to mess around with some plate tanking and such. I can’t believe that two of my top 10 games (Bioshock/Mass Effect) have sequels due out while my XB360 and PC are somewhere over the Pacific. (hopefully over…under would be bad.) The Motorola Droid is a very nice phone. :)

This post isn’t about that. I’m really struggling, more than I thought I would, with what I want from a new guild. I had a really good time with my casual guild, but I’d like to take the step up to one that’s a bit more progression-focused. Unfortunately, being both an Army officer and a father of a toddler, my raiding time is generally somewhat limited. I’m torn between looking for a 10-man guild (whether it be ten-strict or not) or a 25-man. 25’s get all the cool toys and itemization, and they have more complex strategy and execution requirements (good) but also more drama and less efficiency. (I hate wasting time, and people who waste other’s time unnecessarily). I also dislike the reduced accountability and cohesion that can come from that.

Sooo…let’s make a list. (Man, another list. I should rename this blog to The Bullet-Pointed Parenthetical-Comment Inserting Druid).


  • An Alliance guild on a US PvE or RP server that raids 8-12 EST (or a subset of that), 2-3 days a week, with an 80-90% attendance requirement or so. More raid days is fine, but I can’t promise I’ll make more days than that.
  • A respectful guild of mature people. I will not tolerate abuse or harassment (of anyone), at all.
  • A guild that holds its members to high and transparent standards. If I’m slacking on DPS/whatever, the RL should call me out (respectfully), and likewise for other people…however, it better be clear what DPS he/she’s expecting. In the same vein, I’d prefer a transparent loot system (i.e. not loot council), though I could be persuaded otherwise.
  • A guild that’s willing and able to challenge the toughest content available, without sacrificing the above. To use a slightly crude analogy, i’m looking for a committed relationship, not a one-night stand. :P
  • Um, this goes without saying, but blogger-friendly. :)

Don’t Want:

  • A guild on a PvP server. Nothing against them personally, I just find that open-world PvP usually turns into gankfests, which wastes my already limited time.
  • A guild that realizes WoW is just a game. (Yes, that’s a hard one.)
  • A “leet guild.” I can’t really define this, but I’m interested in WoW for the challenge of the content, not necessarily the challenge of world/server firsts. (See “WoW is just a game.”)

I’ll Bring:

  • My MS cat/SMS bear/OS resto/SOS boomy druid. (Yep, I have sub-main and sub-offspecs, with gear for each…cept the boomy, and I’ve got enough EoT’s to equip a set if needed.) Full gems/chants/consumables/etc. are a given. I’m most knowledgeable about feral, am very good at resto, and…um….know where the Starfire and Wrath buttons are for boomy. :) Whatever the guild needs. I prize myself on being prepared and adaptable (hence the blog title). With the addons Talented and ActionBarSaver, I can port to Moonglade, retalent, assign buttons, holler up my Squire for consumables out of the bank, and be ready for any role in >2 minutes.
  • A good attitude 90% of the time. (Hey, I’m realistic. Everyone has bad days.)
  • My occasionally skewed sense of humor. (I would say take it or leave it…but it’s coming regardless.)
  • Sass.
  • More sass.

Hmm. I look back at that list, and really, I see nothing that would necessarily push me one direction or the other (to a 10-man or 25-man guild). Someone help me make up my mind. ;)  Do I want cool toys and more complicated strategy or a more tightly-knit raiding group? (I also don’t want to be the guy that because he can’t make a raid makes everyone else cancel their plans…which seems to impact 10’s more than 25’s.)

(Note: FWIW, I’m looking now, but any actual raiding will have to wait until I get my stuff, in a month or so, hopefully sooner. *crosses fingers*) I can still do…umm…moral support?

  12 Responses to “A crossroads…guild app time”

  1. The guild I am in sounds perfect for you except the time. We raid 2 days a week 7:30-10:30/11:00 PST. We are on Cenarius. We are a 10 man guild that split from a 25 man due to drama/having to carry people who didn’t try. We are the officers from that previous guild. We are a mature guild and everyone is good friends. We plan on capping the guild at 13 so that people don’t have to attend raids when real life comes up. We are currently 8 (the split was recent) and pug the other spots for ICC.

    Everyone is also treated as an equal and everyone contributes via professions and such. We only have 2 ranks in the guild “New Recruit” (trial period to see if you fit) and “Member”.

    Most of us also have geared alts and offspecs to mix things up every now and again.

    Send me an email if the times works for you.

  2. Hey :-)

    I know the searching, I have been after the exact guild/community for a long time.
    Sadly, the 25 man community which fully fulfills what you are looking for is on an EU server (Steamwheedle-Cartel RP). But I’m sure you will find a place, there must be more mature, friendly, focus-orientated guilds, that accept that this is a game after all, around. Good luck!

  3. Hey Alaron,

    If you are interested in trying out a Horde guild, we are almost exactly what you are looking for. We are based on the Terenas – PvE server. We currently raid 3 days a week from 8:30 – 12:30 EST on Sun, Mon, Wed. We also have two 10 man days on Tuesday and Thursday at the same time. We require 5/6 25m raids attended and use the EPGP loot system. Our current progression is 7/12 ICC and 4/5 ToGC.

    We are a serious progression guild that is a mostly older population (mid 20s – early 30s for the most part) and we do our best to stay drama free and steer clear of the elitist attitude that so many have and drives people away from the game.

    If you’re interested, please check us out at http://cd.vitalstuff.org. I’m the only current Feral Druid, but I did just manage to have 3 Arms warriors app, so no manglebotting for us! We have need of druids of every spec, so please feel free to apply with whichever spec you enjoy playing the most.

  4. I am not sure my guild would be too casual for you… we are a “casual guild that raids” meaning that there are no attendance requirements. RL first. We offer 4 ish events a week, but you don’t have to sign up for any of them, or can just sign up for 1.

    Last week’s schedule looked something like this:

    ICC-10 x 2 groups (2 nights)
    Late TOC-10 (for west coasties)
    Achievement Sarth 3d (guild first)!

    We’ve tried ICC-25 but we’re not quiiite there yet. We plan to try again in a few weeks when everyone’s very comfortable with the 10 man version and we’ve geared a bit more.

    Raids are generally from 8:30-11:30 Central, but we’re starting to offer some early and late 10 mans to help include all time zones.

    Again, sounds like you’re looking for something more hard core. Good luck. If you want to check us out anyway, e-mail me at crankyhealer at gmail dot com. I don’t want to “out” my super-secret blogging identity on the interwebz!

  5. Mine is somewhere in between Crankyhealer & Shadrilin’s in terms of progression/time commitment.

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