Feb 082010


  6 Responses to “Alaron is dead. Long live Alarron!”

  1. Al’ar-ron? :)

  2. But is A’lar on?

  3. Later Ron

  4. Glad to see you’re still blogging! I used to blog as Etaiu, then was out of Azeroth on business for about 10 months, and when I got back decided to re-roll an Alliance Druid and savor the final days of Azeroth on the Alliance side. The good side is that I’m seeing content that is completely new to me, some of which will be forever gone after Cataclysm. The bad side is that so many of the old bear bloggers have gone the way of the wind. So, I stumbled over here, saw (and sympathized with) the news about changing servers and picking a new name, and thought I’d drop an encouraging note. Keep up the great work and have fun with your new guild!

    — Brick (formerly Etaiu)

  5. Aralon shoulda gone with imo

    Alonar …meh.

    and haha at the *grumble*

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