Feb 162010

Unlike my detailed guide for Love is in the Air, I will not be posting a guide for the Lunar Festival, as it boils down to this:

1. Go to area/instance. Most are impossible to find or confusing as hell. (The path INTO Sunken Temple is more complicated then any Northrend instance…I felt like I was playing Zelda and I was stuck in the freaking Water Temple AGAIN, looking for the switch/plate/button that would raise/lower the water level.)
2. Get lost trying to find Elder. (Hi, BRS!)
3. Finally find Elder.
4. Realize you can either hearth out and port from Dal/fly to the next zone you need (takes 15 min) or find your way back out and ride there (takes 15 min).
5. Curse Blizzard.
6. Repeat 8523523461 times. (Ok, Omen is pretty cool.)

Bonus: Apparently, these Elders are mail spammers too! You’d think at least one of them would have the decency to send some gold or something, but I guess they all went broke spamming everyone three years ago. Do the Elders have an opt-out?