Name change ahoy!

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Feb 062010

So, Alaron (and Allaron) is taken on my server. I’d like to keep it fairly similar…thoughts? (No accents, please.) Thinking atm:

1. Allaron
2. Alarond
3. Other?

  7 Responses to “Name change ahoy!”

  1. Aleron? The Ale part would make dwarves like you. And bonus points for sounding like part of a plane.

  2. Norala?

  3. allaround- cuz you’re and allaround nice kind of guy?…or stickaround- Love it when Marrowgar says this…..I’m not helping am I?

    I’ll ask the guildies who are on…see what they think. I should mention we have an “Allagash” who is our healing coordinator.

  4. Ahlaria, and a sex change =)

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