Feb 132010

Nothing new on the theorycraft front (various family and weather considerations have prevented me from actually finding the time to sit down and write up a detailed blog post)…but the biggest thing that’s struck me lately is the power of the Love is In the Air perfume/cologne for alts. 75AP perfume + heirloom axe means my new pally is killing on-level mobs with a single judgement/melee swing. Woot. :)

Raidwise, mad props (do people say that anymore?) to my new guild for inviting me to their 25m ICC with my failtop. The Crimson Hall trash was horrid (positional DPS requirements and knockbacks with 4 FPS!) I still did tolerably well on the Princes and BQL, though the FPS makes reaction times horrible. Hopefully, next week, I’ll be able to clear some of the Lower Spire on 25 which is less movement-intensive.

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