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Feb 092010

Greetings all, and thanks again to Allison for her link. If you’re looking for more feral druid information, try these posts:

  • The 3.3 Cat Gearing Guide: Part 1 covers the basics, while Part 2 looks specifically at T9 gear. Part 3, coming “soon,” will look at T10 gear. I was *going* to write a kitty 101 post, but Allison’s beat me to it, apparently. :) Maybe I’ll do Kitty 201: Advanced Feline Concepts.
  • Melee Hit Table FAQ: This post covers why agility gets worse and worse as a stat once you reach the T10 levels of gear, plus some more good information.
  • Armor Penetration FAQ: A bit outdated, but still good. Part 1 covers the basics, while Part 2 covers it in a bit more detail.
  • The Feral Tanking Guide: For our bear relatives. Start with the Introduction.