Mar 232010

The official 3.3.3 patchnotes have been released. ( Ability-wise, there’s no change from the PTR changes previously discussed, but let’s look at some bugfixes.

  • Cower: This ability can no longer trigger effects on items that trigger from melee weapon attacks.

Yay, the world’s most useless ability now became even more useless.

  • Frenzied Regeneration: This ability is no longer noted as Rank 1 (it has no subsequent ranks).
  • Hurricane: If a druid begins casting this spell while in Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, or Cat Form, the spell will now cast as normal instead of immediately canceling the channel.

Not sure why you’d cast Hurricane out of a feral form. (BG’s maybe to proc the 20% melee swing debuff?) My question is, did they fix the casting of it out of tree form, which is much more likely?

  • Lifebloom: The final bloom heal from this spell can no longer trigger talents, trinkets, and set bonuses for the player being healed.
  • Rake: This ability will now always land. It will no longer sometimes give a “more powerful spell” error message.

YES. Now, refreshing Rake early is generally bad…but trying to refresh Rake early because you have to leave the target and not being able to sucked.

  • Tier-10 Balance 4-Piece Set Bonus: Corrected a grammatical error in tooltip.
  • Tier-10 Restoration 4-Piece Set Bonus: The Rejuvenation effect caused by this set bonus can now be overwritten by the druid’s own Rejuvenation spell casts. In addition, the combat log tooltip for this Rejuvenation effect no longer spuriously claims it requires Tree of Life Form.
  • Tranquility: The combat log tooltip for this ability will no longer spuriously claim a range of 100 yards.
  • Tree of Life Form: Corrected a misspelling in the tooltip.
  • Typhoon: Lower ranks of this spell displayed incorrect damage information on tooltips.

A few other notable fixes:

  • Lightwell: Tooltip change to reflect that any friendly player can use the Lightwell.

This one made me laugh just a little bit. They’re really trying to get people to use it (I don’t think it’ll be successful, but who knows). I predict 3.3.4’s patchnotes will say “Lightwell: Redesigned. Any friendly player who use the Lightwell will now receive a [Tasty Cookie] in addition to the healing effect.”

  • Shattering Throw: This ability can now be a critical strike.

This is a good as time as any to point out that this warrior PvP ability is a decent rDPS buff, especially during Hero/BL, as it stacks with Sunder. (Sunder reduces enemy armor to 80%, which is then modified by character ArPen; Sunder + Shatter reduces this to 60% pre-ArPen.)

  10 Responses to “3.3.3 Druid bugfixes”

  1. Ah… I was contemplating posting on the official druid forums on how to actually put Cower to constructive use. But foresee a ton of troll posts coming after that.

    *moves along D:*

  2. Thanks for the info. I’m excited about Rake! Sometimes you just need to reapply and go, and it feels like such a waste when it doesn’t work.

  3. rake change is a welcome change.
    didnt do much dps lately, but when the rake thingy was a bit annoying.

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  8. 3.3.3 Druid bugfixes – The Fluid Druid

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