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It’s been a few days since my last post, due to a few factors (Yay for my $100 cable modem not lasting a month…thank god for tethering). CD successfully took down 25M BQL pre-nerf (pre-buff?), and should be rolling through the rest of ICC soon. I’ve finished my 4pT10 and have reclaimed my place near the top of the DPS charts…or so I think. :)

I’m motivated to write today though because of the new feral changes recently announced.

  • Mangle (Bear) now increases the damage of bleed effects for 1 min. (Up from 12 sec)
  • Mangle (Cat) now increases the damage of bleed effects for 1 min. (Up from 12 sec)
  • Glyph of Mangle: This glyph now provides 10% increased damage done by Mangle instead of increasing the duration of the debuff.


This is a decent buff for most of us. Most DPS warriors are specced Fury these days, so typically we’ve been required to keep Mangle up as part of our rotation unless there’s a bear druid tanking (also rare). We’ll still have to Mangle, but much less frequently, which frees up more energy for Shreds. This has three benefits: first, Shred has about a 20% higher DPE than Mangle, so that’s more base damage. Second, it’ll be much easier to ensure we get the three Shreds in needed to fully utilize the Glyph of Shred. Third, it’ll make the rotation easier. Yawning (the new Toskk) has already updated the calculator at Toskk’s site, so feel free to run your stats there, but my estimate is a 2% projected DPS increase, with an actual DPS increase of ~4-5% from being better able to follow priorities. (The simulator assumes you always get your 3 shreds in, for example, but this isn’t always the case currently, if you have to refresh Mangle twice, Rake twice, Savage Roar and TF/Berserk is on CD.) Of course, if you already have someone running Mangle, then no increase for you. :) The glyph is certainly improved, but it won’t replace your usual three. It will be good for PvP or leveling, which is nice.


Well, the Mangle change doesn’t affect you (since you were Mangling on CD anyway), but the Glyph is now a viable third option for a bit more threat. If you’re running a full bear spec (without Shredding Attacks) and are forced to do some cat DPS, you’ll be mangling instead of shredding, so this will help with that as well.

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  1. I saw this and went SQUEEE!! That is a HUGE duration bump. I, too, use the “standard 3” glyphs for Cat DPS, and this will just make my life so much easier, and guarantee higher mangle uptime.

    I can’t freakin wait until 3.3.3!

  2. lets not forget the 3 talent points you can now use for feral aggression!

    • Omg yes! Buh-bye improved Mangle! I won’t miss that 6 energy every 60 seconds.

      Although I end up not using FB very often, so I might take infected wounds for the “greater good” of my group (we have no bear tanks). Or nurturing instinct to make me less… squishy.

  3. Hmmm.. three points in feral aggression is it worth it? This would be an interesting analysis, because you can use ferocious bite if you have ten seconds left on savage roar and you can’t override rip for another ten seconds. I sure use it quite a bit. I know a lot of kitties who don’t use it b/c it makes the priorities a little more complicated. Give us analysis on this! I can’t do math.

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