Mar 032010

Aissi brought up a good point in the comments to my last post, noting that the 3 points previously used to take Imp. Mangle were now freed up to take Feral Aggression. Technically, that’s correct, but really, all I can say is “meh.” Imp. Mangle currently is worth about .5% DPS per talent point (so it was okay but never that good to begin with) and Feral Aggression is worth about .2% (blech). After the Mangle changes, Imp. Mangle will be worth about .1% DPS per talent point (double blech). Sure, you can move 3 points into FA if you want, but we’re talking a TINY increase. As in, my projected DPS goes from 10579 to 10621, a .4% increase. Remember, this is assuming perfect fight conditions with no movement, where you have surplus energy and CP’s to burn on bites. (FA gets a bit better if you’re ArPen capped…but I’m not talking to you. Shoo, vastly OP kitty…but give me your DBW before you go.)

Seriously. Look again at your utility, and remember you’re a hybrid class. I’m still going 0/5 FA, and maxing Nurturing Instinct (+20% healing received, plus a halfway decent Tranquility) and going for Imp. LOTP (extra passive healing is never bad) or Protector of the Pack for vastly improved emergency tanking. It even works out mathematically; in the case of Nurturing Instinct, I’m trading .4% personal DPS (from FA) for 20% personal heals, or a .8% increase in raid heals (even more in 10-man). Think about it.

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