Mar 222010

With 3.3 probably coming tomorrow, I’d like to remind everyone of the two changes we’re interested in: Mangle debuff duration buffed to 60s (from 12s) and the Glyph of Mangle being redesigned to give a flat +10% damage boost. I’ve already written on the overall DPS buff most ferals will see from this, but I’d like to quickly address something else. Some on the forums have raised the possibility of abandoning Shred entirely and shifting to a purely Mangle-based rotation (and switching the Shred glyph for a Mangle glyph). It’s not a horrible idea. It’s certainly a large DPS reduction (3-5%, depending on gear)….however, for fights where you have to unavoidably DPS from the front, or fights that are HEAVY movement/add fights, it may be superior. I wouldn’t recommend it for any fight in ICC currently, except maybe Dreamwalker…but who knows what Ruby Sanctum will look like.

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  1. Recently I moved guilds and during the screening process the GM was pointing out that with my gear score I should be maintaining a much higher DPS than the 4500+ that I was currently putting out. After going over my rotation he stated that I should drop Shred as my primary Combo Point builder and stick with mangle. Since doing this I have noticed especially on fights in ICC where my DPS has jumped up to 6500+ Maybe my GM was right. I cant wait to see what happens when I glyph mangle and with this boost my DPS is going to be sick. What are your thoughts?

    • Let’s put it this way. I (and your GM) would much rather you run a rotation that maintains consistently high numbers. If the positioning requirements of Shred cause you trouble, then, by all means, just stick with Mangle. You’ll have a lower potential DPS…but it’s better then spamming Shred for 5 seconds before you realize you’re not quite far behind enough.

      (Do realize that even if you’re only using Mangle, you still need to try to get behind the enemy to avoid parries.)

      • Getting behind the target to avoid parries and use Shred is such a strong habit for me that I find I do it whenever I play any melee dps toon in a dungeon or raid. It feels weird playing my very casual ret pally in heroics, and constantly moving to get behind the enemy! I know it’s my feral instinct kicking in… sorry, bad pun! :P

        I’ve tried Mangle-spamming in raids on occasion, and my DPS always suffered on fights where I normally Shred. However, you’re right, Alaron – Mangling is better than getting “You must be behind the target” errors 5-6 times in a row.

  2. […] Feral is for Yay mangle buffs! They changed mangle to have a much longer duration, so if you are just using it for the debuff that it applies to the target, you now only have to refresh it 1 time per minute (yay!). However, they also changed the glyph to be a 10% damage increase to mangle, which may lead some people to want to mangle more often. The mangle glyph is probably more desirable to bears as a threat generator, or for leveling kitties who don’t get to shred very much. Yes, leveling kitties really want the new mangle glyph after they get mangle, since leveling for a while can be a lot of lawl mangle spam. However, for dungeons and raids at all, particularly ICC fights, shred is still going to do more damage than a mangle-focused build & rotation. The fluid druid covered the feral changes in one of his posts. So, no mangle-focused end-game rotation. […]

  3. […] of the other changes to druids. Alaron (The Fluid Druid himself) has a couple of posts (here and here) discussing the Mangle issues, while today’s post talks about some of the bug fixes that […]

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