Apr 242010

As I alluded to in my previous post, I’ve been fighting some burnout lately. I attribute it to overspecialization, I think. I’ve spent so much time and effort minmaxing my DPS performance that my fluidity (heh) has suffered. We’re currently working on LK25, and we’re struggling mightily with the Valks/Defiles..we’ve yet to succesfully manage the Defile AND not get people killed. (If anyone has any strategy advice, I’d love to hear it. So far we’re pretty good on transitioning into P2: we stack up behind LK in the center while killing the last raging, pop Holy Wrath/Cone of Cold to stun/slow Valks, let loose with AOE, melee starts to follow them…then Defile comes and everyone dies. :P Only successful defile attempts were when it was on the mages, who managed to Blink it away from the group. 2 secs just doesn’t feel like enough reaction time to get it out of the stack.) Basically, it doesn’t matter right now how much effort I spend on gearing appropriately or planning good DPS rotations, it matters whether I have hyper-quick reactions…and that pisses me off. I could see an eventual Defile nerf, if only because the stacking buff doesn’t really make it any easier to avoid.

Thankfully, we took a break from LK for our Thursday raid, and dropped Algalon-25. After a few early wipes, I switched to heals, and helped take him down.  It’s a very strategically interesting fight for healers, I find, managing the burst raid damage from the black hole explosions vs. keeping the tanks alive. Somehow, landing a tank-saving Swiftmend feels much more “clutch” then topping DPS meters. :)

After that, I logged back in last night, noticed I was still in the raid group, and said “hey, let’s do Kara again. :)” I had soloed most of Kara in ilvl 213/226 gear previously, but never managed to kill Aran or Prince. Much easier in ilvl 264. :P It’s rewarding too…I easily made 700g or so, in the span of a couple hours, not counting three Darkmoon cards and a rare world-drop enchanting recipe. Budget a few more hours if you don’t know your way around…it’s not aggressively linear like WOTLK instances. Quick tips:

  • Prep: Get some Kings drums (fort scrolls are helpful too), some buff food, and glyph Maul/SI/FR. Spec 0/60/11, make sure you pick up Nurturing Instincts. 4pT10 is very helpful for the extra damage reduction CD. I used my cat gear, but did pop in a tank trinket for a few fights. After Opera, make sure you open the back door for easier wipe recovery; after Shade, you can port in by talking to the butler.
  • Attumen/Moroes/Maiden: Tank and spank; on Moroes use Berserked Mangle/Maul to take down add packs. (throw a couple HoTs while he’s Vanished if you need.) Make sure you clear Attumen’s whole wing and Moroes’ room before pulling them.
  • Opera Event: Moderately tough to very tough, depending on who you get. See Allison’s guide for full details, but in brief:
    • Oz: Not too bad. Lots of strategic choices here, depending on your gear level. I usually went kitty and laid down as much burst damage as I could on Dorothee before finishing her in bear. Frost resist gear may or may not help.
    • Romulo/Julianne: Pretty tough. It’s a pretty decent gear check. P1- Go kitty and burn Julianne down. P2- throw HoTs and go bear for Romulo. P3- use Berserked Mangle/Maul/Swipe to bring down their health evenly. You’ll probably need to pop SI/FR at this point. Bash her heals when available. You won’t get all of them, but you should be able to outdamage her healing. You can try to keep them moving…she’ll stop to cast, so you’ll have range for a Charge. Either way, make sure you go Kitty and burn down the remaining one quickly…you only get 10 seconds before they rez their partner.
    • BBW: Good luck. Here’s my strat. If I can do it in Ulduar gear, you can do it too. :P
  • Nightbane: You can only summon him if you’ve done the questline…he’s tank and spank. If you need to, you can LOS his fears/breaths using the inside edge of the platform.
  • Curator/Illhoof: Tank and spank. Pop SI/FR early on Curator so you can lay down max damage during his Evocation. Make sure you clear his room.
  • Netherspite: Tank and spank, but with a catch…you have to pull him out of his room. If you stand right at the door and wait, he will path to just in range of a Taunt/FF…aggro him and quickly run out the door before it closes. You’ll want to pull him up the hallway to the first little room and off to the left, to get him out of the blue beam. Make sure you’re standing with your back to a wall. (Yes, you can get knocked back off the platform…it’s a long fall. :P)
  • Shade of Aran: You have plenty of time to work with, so as Allison recommended, a few resto pieces to boost your healing can help. I one-shot it with pure feral gear, though, so it’s not required. You’ll want to DPS in bursts…shift out every 10-15 seconds to put up HoTs. Don’t use non-instants while close to Aran, as he’ll Counterspell. When the elementals spawn, go bear.
  • Chess: It may not seem soloable, but it’s really not too bad…I one-shot it last night. Here’s my strat.
  • Prince: Biggest gearcheck. P3 Prince was what I couldn’t get through in Ulduar-level gear…had no problems last night. When he knocks you back, throw a HoT.

Finished happy and excited to try some more stuff…might see how far I get in ZA. :)