Apr 192010

Haven’t done much with WoW this week…been fighting RL (hey, my work decided to block all sites from my hosting provider) as well as some slight burnout. On the bright side, my computer now has a fresh Windows 7 64-bit install…much better then the 32-bit Vista crap I’d never gotten around to fixing. I’ve also leveled my alt pally to 74 (lord, pally tanking is so much easier then bear tanking was in 3.0).

So, here’s a quick roundup of my thoughts on the issues that came up last week:

  • Tree Form becoming a cooldown: I had a huge post on this written, then canned it because it didn’t say much of anything that Allison or Keeva had already said better. Essentially, Blizzard has the right idea, but they presented it in a terrible way. They’ve made up quite a bit with their comments in the dev chat about ToL…how it will be an “Ancient of War” type shift that will empower all the druid’s spells. If they’s just said that in the preview, instead of “sorry, ToL’s going away, sucks for you,” things would have been much better. Honestly, I think Balance should get the same treatment as well, and leave Feral as the “shapeshifting for combat” tree.
  • New Druid abilities: To expand on my first analysis post, Stampeding Roar is going to be awfully hard to balance. It’s pretty obvious that Cata will be much more movement-intensive, raid-wise, but boosting other people’s movement is tough. (Remember them taking out Unholy Aura, the DK talent that have 15% runspeed?) As for the mushrooms, I still dislike the name, but I can see it’s utility now for feral if it’s baseline. Bears gain an AOE pulling ability; Cats gain a ranged attack, if it’s usable in form.
  • Sparkly ponies: Meh. Yeah, it’s pretty, buy it if you like it, don’t if you don’t. I have absolutely zero problem with Blizz selling vanity stuff (they’ve kept the monthly price at $15 for ages, after all). This does not ruin WoW. (Is it just me, or does EVERY change ruin WoW?)

Posting will probably continue to be light this week, and will hopefully pick up next week.

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  1. Tend to agree with everything there!
    Again its too early to see what is going to happen with both the blizz store and all the class changes so its just a question of wait and see!

    Whatever happens make sure to chill some we don’t want you to get burnt out and loose another feral blogger! 8)

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