May 282010

Finally. :) 20% really swung it for us…check this out:


Seriously. (Holy crap, I am so stoked right now.)

No deaths leading into P3.

I got to kill the Spirit Warden inside Frostmourne.

I even got to play Hero Bear…we’d lost a few ranged, and at about 15%, three Vile Spirits started heading towards melee, and I went bear, popped everything (SI/Barkskin/Enrage) and took em all out. Unfortunately, there were actually 4, not 3. Oops. (EDIT: Wow…I didn’t realize, but our MT had gone down due to a missed Harvest Soul, and I took a LK melee hit as well after the second spirit!)


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  1. Grats bro, good to see you finally got it.

    Any cool polearms drop?

  2. Grats.

    Amazing what those last 5% did.
    As a 10 man raider, we one shotted him on wednesday also.

    And perfect to down him before the summer such as you actually have the opportunity to see the sun! =)

  3. Grats,

    were still have a saved lockout in 10 man on him, last few weeks were very hard due to regulars not showing and we had to replace them with people that were never there before or call the raid.

  4. Grats Alarron! Way to stick it out. And welcome to Heroic modes when the real fun begins!!

  5. Congratz. AWESOME BEAR :)

  6. Congrats, Alaron! It’s a really good fight on normal. You’ll be shocked how fast you move through hard modes :)

  7. Thanks guys.

    Not sure what my next move is from here…think I’ll be taking a break from 3xnight raiding for a bit while I try to figure out my plans for Cata.

    I’ll keep blogging though. :)

  8. Huge grz!!

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