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So, apparently the F&F alpha client got leaked (spoilers), and info from it is flowing out. I understand many people don’t want to be spoiled by the AMAZING changes in the feral tree, so feel free to leave now…otherwise scroll down.








Here it is…





Woo freakin hoo. :) See for yourself here. Obviously, they haven’t really gotten to the feral tree yet…and I wouldn’t count on it staying like that, either, as a talent that just boosts your expertise seems to be exactly the thing they’re trying to get away from. If they do permanently get rid of the energy refund on miss, though, then that will definitely increase the value of hit/exp relative to other stats.

I’m more interested (and somewhat bummed) about the changes in our sub-tree, resto. Naturalist got bumped down a tier…which means in order to get it, we’ll need to spend at least 15 points there (and you’ll definitely be spending 18, to pick up OOC and Master Shapeshifter). That doesn’t pose a lot of problems for cats, but it possibly will for bears, and it puts a very large crimp in any hybrid builds.

Of course, this is alpha, things will change, etc. Carry on. (Hey, I’m happy, we successfully reached Phase 3 on LK last night. Well, semi-successfully. He stopped casting Remorseless Winter before the last person died, anyway.) Now that we’ve moved away from the “stack up and then blame people who don’t run Defile away fast enough” strategy to the “spread out for Defile and then blame people who don’t run away from person with Defile strategy,” things have gotten much better. Now we have to figure out why our slows keep dropping off the Valkyrs. Yay.

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  1. At first i was a bit NOOOO, but then i gave it a thought and realised it doesnt realy matter, if your hit and exp capped you wont miss anyway.

    Looks like they realy want people to use more mangle instead of shred with the new talent in resto.

    And this tree still has primal gore in it, wich is a bit pointless since dots were going to benefit from crit and haste anyway.

  2. On the other hand, Bears get to pick up 5/5 Perseverance instead, which will greatly help with a Bear’s usual weakness to AGH SPELL DAMAGE BLARG DED.

    But yes, definitely a problem for Hybrid Bear/Cats, although this may be how Blizzard differentiates between full bear, Hybrid Bear/Cat and full Cat?

    • One more thing that is particularly distressing for the non-Feral Resto-side of things is the linking of Naturalist into Nature’s Swiftness…. Either they want Resto druids to start punching things, or Blizzard is really going to force Healing Touch to become a bigger part of the Resto arsenal.

      At least they didn’t put any Feral talents into the Balance tree or anything.

  3. One thing that I’ve never understood, is that every druid has up to the third tier in Resto.

    EVERY druid has resto. Becasue OOC is so necessary for every spec. Or, if not necessary, waaaay too OP for a single talent point to get you that effect.

    I was hoping they would just make OOC baseline in Cata.

    • I’ve actually found that as a bear-only feral, OOC is not really that worth it. Especially on current “infinite rage” content.

      • Yeah, OOC is definitely sacrificial for a bear if you need to…but there’s not a ton of other good options.

    • Agreed. I’d like to see the feral tree pick up some mildly interesting early talents to give resto/balance a different option for a subtree (not that it’ll happen).

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