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It’s been almost a week since my last post. Obviously, I’ve been exceptionally uninspired to write. Why? Well, our guild has been wiping to the Defile boss/Infest boss on LK25 for the past few weeks now (been on him for a month this week), and I feel very powerless to affect the outcome. I’ve consistently been top3 in DPS on LK, I’ve gotten off my Maims on Valks when called…and that’s about it. I don’t know what else I can do. I feel like we’re missing something obvious when I see guilds one-shotting it, and we’ve seen phase 3 ONCE…but I really don’t know what to change. I’ve usually blogged on subjects that related to my current interest (hey, let’s be a feral tank! hey, let’s gear feral DPS!)…and right now, there’s not much in WoW to draw me. I haven’t touched my druid in a week. Once we get LK down, I’ll be taking a break for a while, I think.

Sorry for a bit of a downer post…but I’m trying to write something to break the writer’s block, so please bear with me. :) Apparently, my notification of new posts on the forum broke also, so if you’ve posted there in the past two weeks, I’m off to go read those over now. :P

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  1. I would suggest someone in your raid calling out 5 seconds warning on Defile. I would really help raiders to spread out quickly and reduce the chance Defile to spread.

    You could assign one delicate dps/healer to stack on. The stack strat works really well on Valks. Beware of the defile, doing stacking and spreading repeatedly, phase 3 would soon be conqured.

    Good luck

    Darsonsind of US-Elune

    • Thanks for the suggestion Dars…it actually seems to be Infest that gets us more than Defile now. We’ve mastered the first Valk spawn, but we always lose 1-2 on the second one, and then it snowballs from there.

      • well that one is a tricky one. it is painful to learn how to react properly. DBM have the warning on whoever had the infest. Just move and cleanse. Practice make perfect.

        Good luck

        Darsonsind of US-Elune

  2. When are you stunning the Valks? They shouldn’t be stunned until after 50% when they are slow immune. Also, for Infest, a disc priest greatly helps with the buffed shields they can throw.

    My guild usually runs just 1 disc priest, 2 holy pali’s, 2 resto shamans, and 1 resto druid. We also have 2 shadow priests that are split into different groups for the VE heal, and shamans are all split (incl a ele/enh) for the healing stream.

    Defile and Valk timers a rough. You really have to keep a close eye on which will pop first and move accordingly. Just like you are doing now, spread for defile, and bunch up for Valks. We generally tank LK in the middle of the platform, and once a defile is dropped, everyone stacks up on the opposite side so the Valks fly away from defile. You should only have 2 defiles up a time.

    • I know you have probably watched countless videos, but here is ours for the LK kill. Its from our disc priests PoV.

    • That’s why I’m frustrated chet- we’re doing everything right, as far as I can tell. We have a disc priest bubbling like mad, we’ve assigned two slowers and one stunner to each Valk (typically rogue/other feral/me, with ret pally as backup…prot warrior gets first stun)…dunno. We always get one Valk not fully killed, or a defile dropped in the middle of the platform (or in valk path), and it snowballs, with people running from defile and getting out of range of the healers (and dying to infest).

      We recleared ICC this week, so we’ll give him another shot on Sunday, see how things go after a bit of a break. Put in about 40-50 attempts over the last week and a half.

  3. I totally understand your frustration Alaron. However, its not the LK that our guild is stumped on. It’s The Professor. We are working the slimes when the pop we make sure we kite the boss. We got him to about 5mil health last night until the timer elasped. 5 more wipes and it was called.

    Regardless of the boss the same frustration is felt not just in the raid but in the game as a whole. Its a weird point in WoW right now. Between a patch and and expansion on the horizon the game for me is at a low point. I will keep pushing on and I hope you do too.. You all will down the LK and next month you will look back and say it was all worth it.
    Good luck and keep on keeping on! Keep your chin up

  4. Have you tried using AVR & AVR(E)ncounters addons? To be completely helpful, the whole guild would have to use it too. I’m not 100% sure how good it will be for you guys but after a month of frustration, you never know what might break you guys through the “boss-block” you’re experiencing.

    One of our teams just beat LK10man and found it pretty helpful. Good luck!

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