May 252010

Successfully soloed Molten Core over the weekend; going to start working on some Northrend 5-mans, as I tried Magtheridon and got smacked down pretty good. Unfortunately, bear isn’t even close to Pallies or DK’s for solo ability; not enough self-healing. All I have is Imp. LOTP and Survival Instincts-boosted Frenzied Regen every 3 minutes.  My strategy’s pretty simple- I basically rely on gobs of avoidance and Savage Defense for most bosses, and kitty DPS with Predatory Strikes insta-heals + HoTs boosted by Nurturing Instinct for certain encounters. I’m going to start gearing my DK for solo tanking, I think. Something to do, while we struggle to make numbers to work on LK some more.

(Has anyone had problems with DBM not resetting properly? Occasionally after a LK wipe, I lose all my DBM timers/functionality. Sucks for Defile.)

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  1. cba to solo some stuff, most of the time im just going after some special things like mounts and fancy trinkets.

    had dbm bugg a few weeks back as well, but not anymore tho after i reinstalled/reconfigured dbm.

  2. Don’t know if it’s the case or not (I don’t use DBM), but Blizz semi-broke something in 3.3 and now the combat log breaks (especially in ICC) a lot more than it used to. Might even be something specifically in ICC, rather than in 3.3 in general. This does break both DBM and BigWigs and anything else that relies on the combat log. Relogging is the only way to fix it. I’d report it to Blizz, but they’d just say something like “Try it without your UI and see what happens” and well… It doesn’t happen consistently and asking the MT of a guild working on ICC HMs to run sans UI isn’t going to work so well. :-P

  3. I have an issue with timers after the lootship fight. I keep getting Adds in Five flash on my screen after the fight has ended but before we active deathbringer fight. Usually have to close wow and restart to get them to reset right.
    As for defile, make sure raid members have projected textures turned OFF. Good for Thorium bad for LK fight. We had a case in our 25 man where hunter traps were covering the defile and legit half the raid ran right through it to get back to the boss. Oh the humanity on how quickly that spread. Everyone was yelling at our hunters and the hunters were yelling at everyone. LOL

    • Sorry meant Hodir not Thorim. (Thorium lol)

    • This is why we don’t use Frost Traps on LK, just Earthbind Totems. :P

      • We use redundant slows (in case the primary slower gets picked up) from Shamans, Arcane Mages or Warriors, totem and frost trap just too inconsistent.

        We also use an aoe Stun from a pally once they all have picked a target, and then have other stunners (redundancy again here) assigned for a late stun near the edge to burn down the last few percentage of the Valk’s.

        On Soloing H-Mgt is fun, so is ZG (I am into picking up rare mounts), solo Lvl70 Heroics are pretty easy and kara is also fun (opera is the only truly painful encounter).

  4. For soloing, I tried the self-heal enchant and the two trinkets (PVP one from Honor Hold and darkmoon card: something). The only notable one is the weapon enchant, the others may help a bit on trash packs, but overall they are negligible compared to IlotP and Lifeward (I think that’s the name).

    • Ooh, Lifeward! I’d previously dismissed it because it’s pretty lackluster on a single-target, but it’d be great for something like Mags. I’ll have to throw that on my 251 and give it a try.

  5. Use Deus Vox

    Switched a few months ago and have never looked back.

    • Yeah, about that… Guild has a DBM-only policy, and I got yelled at for using DXE, so…
      Thankfully, the new DBM patch seems to have fixed it (Didn’t see anything go bad in 10 pulls last night)

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