May 242010

As I promised in an earlier post, I’ve rewritten Furion/Leaf’s Ovale script to bring it more up-to-date. I’ve posted it in my forum here. Please provide any feedback either in comments or on the forum post. Info below. I’ll be posting it to EJ in a few days, but existing readers get the first shot. :)

# Version History
# v1.0:
# Full verification of action list against Simcraft.
# Corrected TF condition. Loosened Berserk condition (slight deviation from SC).
# Prioritized Rip/Mangle. Removed Manglebot option, no point anymore with 60s duration.
# Added options for OOC icon and Shred on OOC proc.
# Hopefully fixed bug with Rake being recommended even though it’s already on target.
# Added user-selectable logic for No FB/Few FB’s/Many FB’s. Default is no FB’s which is best for most players.
# (FB logic still needs some testing)
# Rewrote several lines to track Simcraft closer, to make user-editing easier.
# Added a few lines to catch bad situations (energy-cap, energy pooling while Rip is down).
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  2 Responses to “New feral DPS Ovale script”

  1. I have used it yesterday on a ICC 25 HC run, and have to set “No FB” for it to work.

    If I set Few or Many FB, rake from the other feral druid in the raid is considered as mine.

    Toskk say I can do 15000dps (with the new +20% ICC buff taken into account) and I have done 14000 on Saurfang (but I have made an error which cost me 10 seconds of Rip uptime).

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