May 032010

Still wiping on Defile. Move along (the right direction), please.

Oh, you want a feral tip? On LK, wait until he’s around 72%, and build and save your 5CP. When he runs off to start P1.5, run to the edge, wait a few secs, then hit Savage Roar as the Raging is spawning. You should only need to refresh it once (maybe twice.) I save Berserk for the second Valk spawn…Berserked Swipe (get off a 5cp SR on LK prior) can really help with DPS here, since it’s such a PITA. Spec IW.

Didn’t farm my eggs for cakes for Children’s Week this year…forgot about it, honestly. Eggs are somewhat difficult to farm (quickly) for Alliance. Best place is right outside Silvermoon. Happily, I just need to finish up these achievements for my VPD. I’ll probably solo Ymiron later in the week…I’ve soloed Skadi before, which was fairly difficult, but Ymiron should be…wait for it…cake.

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  1. We got to lich king this week in our 25m. Last week we got to see him for about 1hr, this week we had total of 4 hours on him. We got him to 13% last night. (3% of hitting the marker).

    Problems at the moment are defiled, but we basically have that under wraps. We stand just to one side of the LK so we can control the Val’s direction, had one pali holy wrathing. Then we will spread for defiled. Then back in and into the valks.

    We always spread for the defile

  2. And if you have warlocks, they can put a teleport towards the middle, and when the valky’s come, everyone apart from them gathers in the middle around the Lich King. If they get grabbed, they can just teleport back, and one needn’t worry about that specific valkyr carrying a warlock.

  3. We got LK 25m Down last night. Just under 3 Raid nights to get him down (6hrs Total) from our first attempts.

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