May 312010

Now that I’m a Kingslayer (aside: it would be great if the title changed to X, Slayer of Kings, after you killed him twice. Or wait, we killed Ymiron in UP, didn’t we? Aren’t we already Kingslayers? /aside), I’m at a bit of a loss to find my next goal. I’ve already decided to cut back on the raiding a bit, and I’ve told my guild as such. Frankly, ICC hard-modes don’t look overly interesting…waltz through the first 6 or so, work a bit on the rest, then wipe on H LK for a few months until we abandon it for Cata. Yay. (Not to mention, my ever-patient wife deserves some couple time.) As such, I’m looking into some more solo pursuits.

My Pre-Cataclysm To-Do List (In Pretentious Case):


  • No more Alliance alts until Cata. :)
  • Level my DK’s blacksmithing/enchanting to 450 (currently 200ish/150ish) This gives me 6 max-level profs for Cata (currently have alch/LW on druid and mining/JC on pally). If I end up transferring my lock over from Cael, I’ll drop his enchanting and pick up herbalism/inscription to go with his tailoring.
  • Get some good badge tank gear for my DK to play around with some instance soloing.
  • Finish out World Explorer on my druid (Loremaster’s probably too much of a stretch). Maybe some other achievements…my achievement lust tends to come and go.
  • Maybe get into Arenas…have a mediocre resto PVP set put together.
  • Level my poor unloved Horde toon (belf mage) to check out Horde-side lore.
  • Have mats on all toons to prepare for the tidal wave of Cataclysm demand. (Which reminds me…guild bank for bank alt would be good, what with the online AH letting you list stuff out of your bank.)

Blog/Forums/Other Out-Of-Game:

  • Keep working on the Ovale code for the feral DPS script. Play around with Simcraft to better set options.
  • Keep posting on feral topics; still have a lot to discuss. Got some hot new alpha info, a discussion on optimum FB usage, tanking in cat gear, and some other things.
  • Clean up the sidebar some, redo blogroll, etc.
  • Get rid of that silly Google Adsense thing. (FWIW, I’ve supposedly made $8.85, in the three months it’s been up, and I need to make $100 before I get a payment. Yay?)
  • Spend some time working on the forum. I know NOTHING about phpBB.


  • Stop staying up until 3AM playing silly flash games on Kongregate. (Curse you Elements! And you too, Zubon, for leading me to it.)
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